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NOTE: This Spoiler was sent in by Lesley:

The movie opens with cuts between scenes of Lalita Bakshi (Aishwarya Rai) checking over the farm and Will Darcy (Martin Henderson) arriving in India with his friends Balraj Bingley and his sister Kiran Bingley.  Will is unimpressed with the culture he encounters and complains about its ruralness.  We are then introduced to Lalita’s sisters: Jaya, Maya, and Lakhi “Lucky”.  Their mother tells them that at their friends wedding there will be a rich englishman who she hopes will marry Jaya. 

At the party that night Lalita and Jaya go upstairs to help their friend get ready and she tells Lalita that she needs to get out of this town.  Lalita says she needs to help her father with the farm.  When Will, Balraj and Kiran arrive everyone, especially the mothers, stares, and Kiran tells Will that every mother is hoping Balraj will marry their daughters.

Then the first music number starts.  Balraj and Jaya can’t take their eyes off each other and dance together beautifully.  Lalita notices Will staring at her dancing, but when Balraj forces them to dance together they are very uncomfortable.

Later at the party Maya scolds Lucky for flirting inappropriately with the boys there. Balraj introduces himself to the Bakshi family and asks Jaya to dance.  Lalita offers to teach Will to dance, but he rudely says no and goes back to the hotel.

The next day at the hotel Will tries to convince Balraj to not go after Jaya and instead find someone from the U.S. or England.  Balraj disagrees and asks Will why he was eyeing up Lalita to which Darcy doesn’t have an answer.

In the market, Lalita, the friend getting married and another friend are shopping, when suddenly their break into song along with all the shopkeepers and drag queens (one of the corniest moments in the movie).

At the wedding Lalita and Will stare at each other from across the room.  Later at the dance, Jaya and Balraj again only dance with each other.  Upstairs, Lalita and her friend Chanda watch.  Chanda says that Jaya should marry Balraj right away, and she notices Will watching Lalita and she should marry him as well.  Will comes upstairs and talks to Lalita about the culture differences in India vs. the U.S.  She takes his comments as insults and walks away.  He follows her and asks to dance which she refuses.

As they are leaving, Balraj asks if Jaya will come with them to the beach the next day.  Mr. Bakshi asks Lalita to go with her, which she only agrees to because Jaya really wants to go.

At the hotel, Balraj and Jaya get very cozy in the pool while Lalita reads nearby.  Kiran insults her and then embarrasses Will by reciting his list of an ideal woman.  Lalita and Will again argue about his perceived prejudice towards Indians.  Throughout the day Lalita tries to avoid Will, but he can’t take his eyes off her. 

At night Lalita is playing guitar on the beach while Will sits a little ways away.  Suddenly a guy walks out of the ocean and is mesmerized by Lalita.  Darcy sees him and its obvious they know each other. 

Later at the party the man comes over and introduces himself to Lalita as Johnny Wickham.  He explains they grew up together because his mom was Darcy’s nanny and when he grew up Darcy’s dad gave him a great job.  After Darcy’s dad died though, Darcy fired Johnny.  He also says that Darcy’s mom is worse than Darcey himself.  At the end of the party Ashanti makes an appearance and you see Jaya and Balraj dancing together and Darcy staring at Johnny and Lalita dancing together.

When the girls get back home, their mother is cleaning the house because Mr. Kholi, their distant relative from America, is coming to stay.  At dinner Mr. Kholi proves himself to be a complete idiot.  He then says he’s looking for a wife because all the American Indian women are too untraditional.  He’s first interested in Jaya, but because Balraj is interested he turns to Lalita.

Next is the music number “No Life Without Wife” where Lalita’s sisters make fun of Mr. Kholi’s interest in her.  At the end Lalita has a dream where she’s marrying Johnny, but at the end instead of it being Johnny, it’s Will, and she wakes up screaming.

The next day Johnny shows up at the Bakshi house and Lucky immediately takes a liking to him.  Lalita is excited that he came and convinces her dad to let him stay with them and attend the dance that night against their mother’s wishes.  At the dance Mr. Kholi won’t leave Lalita alone and asks her to dance, while Lucky teaches Johnny to dance.  Darcy, Balraj, and Kiran walk in and Darcy looks pissed that Johnny is there.  While dancing, Mr. Kholi makes a complete fool of himself.  Lalita sees Chanda walk in and introduces her to Mr. Kholi.  When he walks away, Lalita complains about Darcy to Chanda but then he walks over and asks Lalita to dance.  While dancing, Lalita scolds Darcy for the way he treated Johnny and then goes off to dance with him, while Darcy gets increasingly pissed and leaves. 

The next day Mr. Bakshi invites Balraj, Will, and Kiran over for dinner, while Lucky and Johnny go out to see the town.  At dinner, Maya does a cobra dance for the guests and Jaya and Lalita are very embarassed for the weirdness of the dance.  Afterwards Lalita and Kiran go to get drinks and Kiran tries to warn her about Johnny, which Lalita disregards.  Mr. Kholi then sets himself and the other guests away from the family and insults India, while Darcy stands up for Indian culture.  Then Mrs. Bakshi explains that Mr. Kholi is interested in Lalita, and says that she is looking forward to the marriage between Jaya and Balraj, which embarasses everyone else.

The next day, Mr. Kholi proposes to Lalita which she rejects immediately.  He then storms out and passes the taxi carrying Darcy and the Bingleys.  Balraj apologizes to Jaya but explains that he has to go back to England a week early and says he’ll write immediately.  Darcy is about to get out and talk to Lalita, but then Johnny comes out and stands with her, which pisses off Darcy.

Later, Lucky runs into the house and says the Mr. Kholi proposed to Chandra and she said yes.  Lalita complains to Johnny and he explains that some people will do anything for money and a green card.  He then apologizes but says he has to go back to England and that he’ll write when he gets home.

As the days and weeks go by Lalita and Jaya never get any mail, however Johnny secretly sends an email to Lucky.  They then get a call that Chandra wants them to come to her wedding to Mr. Kholi in Los Angeles.  Mrs. Bakshi says they can stop in London so Jaya can see Balraj.

When they arrive, Jaya, Lalita, and Mrs. Bakshi immediately go to Balraj’s house for tea.  Kiran is there and explains that Balraj is in New York looking at marriage prospects with their parents.  Meanwhile, Lucky goes and visits Johnny on his houseboat.

At the airport to go to L.A. it turns out Darcy is on the same flight, except he is sitting in first class.  At the beginning of the flight, he goes and exchanges his seat with Mrs. Bakshi so she can have more room.  He then sits next to Lalita and she asks him about what happened between Balraj and Jaya and he says he doesn’t know. 

When they arrive in L.A. they go to look at where the wedding is and it turns out it’s at Darcy’s hotel in Beverly Hills.  He introduces them to his mother and sister, Georgie.  His mother is very rude and Lalita puts her in her place.

Darcy then takes her out for dinner and they end up spending a lot of time together and are obviously falling in love.  All during is a music number, which includes a gospel choir on the beach, singing surfers and dancing lifeguards. 

At Mr. Kholi’s wedding Darcy tries to talk to Lalita, but then his mother comes over and introduces Lalita to Darcy’s girlfriend from New York, so she spends the entire wedding pissed at him.  After the ceremony, Georgie comes to talk to Lalita and explains that Darcy and Balraj aren’t speaking because Darcy convinced Balraj to not marry this golddigger from India. 

Lalita sees Darcy coming over to talk and tries to avoid him, but then he apologizes for the New York girl and says that he loves Lalita, and despite what his mother will say he wants to marry her.  She yells at him for spoiling her family’s chance at happiness and says he’s the last person she’d ever marry.

The Bakshi’s then go back to London and Mrs. Bakshi complains that they came away from the trip with no proposals.  Lalita then explains to Jaya that there almost was one.  Then Lucky goes off shopping, but instead meets Johnny.  Back in LA, Darcy goes to try and meet Lalita but finds out she already left.  He then flies straight to London. 

The next day, after Lucky has been noticed missing, Darcy shows up and apologizes to Lalita and explains that he thought Jaya was just being pushed into marriage by their mother and that he already apologized to Balraj.  Lalita mentions Johnny’s name and then Darcy explains that Johnny got his sister pregnant at 16 and tried to marry her for her father’s money.  Lalita then explains that Lucky is missing with Johnny, and the two of them rush off to try and find them. 

Darcy spots them and Johnny tries to run off with Lucky, but then they get into a fistfight at the movie theater (it’s actually really funny because the fight on the ground matches the fight on the screen).  Johnny then yells for Lalita and explains it was always her, which leads Lucky and Lalita to both slap him.  They take Lucky back to the house and Balraj is already there and has proposed to Jaya.

In India, Lalita helps Jaya get ready to welcome Balraj.  The car turns up in the middle of a parade with drummers, tuba players, singers.  Jaya goes to greet her future in-laws while Lalita is bummed Darcy isn’t with them.  Then Kiran goes and point Lalita towards the drummers, where Darcy is playing along.  Lalita runs to him and they just smile and hug.

Cut to the market where Jaya and Balraj are dressed very fancy on top of an elephant.  The whole town is out dancing, and then it appears there is another elephant with Darcy and Lalita and a “Just Married” sign on the back.

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