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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Dianasaurous Rex.

The movies starts with four girls happily waking up and dancing around their rooms in their individual homes. They excitedly start video conferencing with each other to plan their outfits for the first day of high school.

Red haired Yasmin is a young Latina with a passion for music and shoes. Blonde haired Cloe is the all-American girl who loves sports, but is super clumsy. Black haired Jade is an Asian-American girl who must hide her flair for fashion from her strict education-only parents. Brown haired Sasha is an African-American girl who loves dancing and cheerleading.

We next meet Yasmin's younger brother who is hogging the bathroom because he is obsessed with his spiky hair. He is confident that he is a babe magnet, but is clearly a geek. Yasmin also lives with her Bubbie (grandmother?) and there are many people in the house including a Mariachi band. Bubbie loves spoiling Yasmin with funky new shoes and Yasmin thanks her by magically pulling chocolate hearts from behind Bubbie's ears.

We find out that Sasha bounces between the homes of her divorced parents. Her parents refuse to speak to each other, even if they are standing beside each other. This is very hard for Sasha who must relay everything they say.

The girls start arriving at school. Yasmin and Sasha see Cloe trying to park her bike, but she ends up wiping out all of the other bikes around her. Jade pulls up with her parents who are listing off all of the extra classes that she must attend. She tries to make a dash for it to her friends, but her mother insists on taking a bunch of photos, much to her embarrassment. Yasmin, Sasha and Cloe are all wearing super-funky clothes and Jade walks up looking like very plain-jane. We soon find out that this is only a front for her parents, as the girls huddle around her and she pops up wearing a smokin' outfit with a wild hairdo with blue streaks in it. The girls complement her on making the outfit and boys start checking them out.

We now meet Meredith and her posse. Meredith is the student council president and queen bee of the school. She is also the daughter of the principal. At first glance, Meredith is nice to everyone. She is well dressed, blonde and has a perma-smile. But Meredith's world is all about order, control, and perfection. Anyone who defies her suffers her wrath. She has Paris, her tiny purse dog (complete with matching outfit), her mandatory yes-women, Avery and Quinn and a long-suffering boyfriend, Cameron. Meredith's plan to rule the school is to control everyone by keeping them segregated into very specific cliques. She has a mandatory check in station where she meets the freshmen, sizes them up and assigns them to their clique and place to hang out.

Each of the girls are interested in pursuing different activities. Cloe is going out for the soccer team, Sasha is trying out for cheerleading, Jade is signing up for home-ec (so she can sew) and for the science club. The girls all start encouraging Yasmin to go for the choir since she loves to sing, but Yasmin gets really bad stage fright and recounts how she lost her breakfast on everyone in the first grade. The girls decide that despite their nerves they are going to own the school. They throw their hands in and shout "B - F - F!" before walking arm in arm towards the school catching everyone's attention. They especially catch Meredith's attention as they march past her clique assignment table.

The girls each try out for their favorite activities and we find out that they are super stars. Cloe tries out for the soccer team. She is not clumsy on the field, but is aggressive and part-Beckham. Sasha kicks it for the cheerleaders and blows their moves out of the water. Jade is in the science lab and everyone is wondering why there is a hot girl there. She proves that she knows her stuff and impresses everyone with her chemical concoction that makes a mini fireworks light show. She then goes to home-ec and sews up a storm, making a sexy red dress for the dowdy teacher.

Yasmin wants to try out for choir and is watching at the door, but in the end chickens out. While backing out she runs into a cute jock boy Dylan, and angrily asks if he is blind. He answers that he is not blind, but he is deaf. She doesn't believe him and says that he doesn't look deaf. He responds that she doesn't look ignorant, but you can't judge a book. He walks away disappointed, and Yasmin feels bad.

We next see Dylan playing the piano in the music room. The music teacher comes in and says that he is great and should join the choir. Dylan is very frustrated with his hearing loss, but the music teach shows him how to feel the music vibrations. He then starts teaching him how to spin on the turntables and how he can make music that way.

The girls all meet up for lunch and are intending to sit together. Meredith tries to direct them where to sit, but they just ignore her and make their way to a table. Even though they are very different girls, they are determined to be friends. But slowly the different groups lure the girls over to sit with them. Yasmin ends up all alone. Meredith is happy that things have gone her way.

The girls are each so busy with all of their own things and own groups, that they slowly stop hanging out with each other. Two years later and the girls have grown apart. They don't even speak to each other any more and avoid each other if they should pass.

We see Meredith at home in her mansion and that everything is about MEREDITH. Meredith expects everyone to love her and for everything to be about her. This greatly annoys her younger sister, Cherish.

Meredith's boyfriend Cameron seems to have a crush on Cloe. One day on the stairs, Cameron starts talking to Cloe. Meredith sends her little dog Paris to go and interrupt them. The little dog starts pulling on Cloe's pants and she ends up dumping her lunch (spaghetti) over the railing. This sets off a chain reaction where Jade, Sasha and Yasmin all get covered in food. A giant food fight ensues and Meredith stands back to survey her work. The girls end up knocking over a statue of the principal, Meredith's daddy and Meredith makes sure that he knows who it was.

The girls all end up in detention. They all start blaming each other for being in trouble and start making nasty comments to each other. Sasha make a really hurtful comment to Cloe about having a single mother and being poor. Yasmin yells at them all and starts to remind them of how they used to be best friends and were always there for each other. Cloe and her mom took care of Sasha when her parents were divorced. Jade cancelled a ski trip to help Cloe study for an exam, etc.

The girls realize how much they miss each other and decide to become B F F's again. They see that only hanging out with their different cliques has pulled them apart and how it pulls the school apart. The girls start a campaign to mix it up with everyone. They teach the jock girls how to walk in high heels, they give make-overs to the science geeks, they help the guy jocks understand algebra, etc..

Yasmin is so happy that she has her friends back. She dances around in her bathrobe and face pack with her Bubbie singing La Cocaracha while her brother secretly videos it on his phone.

Meredith is of course furious that the girls have broken her carefully controlled environment. She even sees her boyfriend spending more time with Cloe. While floating in her pool with her friends, Meredith comes up with a plan to become the most popular again. She realizes that she was at the height of her popularity when she gave her Sweet 16 party and decides to do it again, but bigger and with MTV there. Yasmin's brother shows up; he has a crush on Meredith's younger sister. Meredith tricks him into giving her a copy of the video of Yasmin dancing and singing.

The buzz is around the school about Meredith's party and even the girls are excited to go. They go on a shopping spree (cue the fashion show at the change rooms) to get their party clothes. The see Dylan at the mall and you can tell that Yasmin likes him, but thinks that he avoids her because of their first meeting. The girls help her see that he really does like her.

Meredith makes her friends wear ridiculous circus costumes to school to hand out the invitations. Everyone wants to go, but you only get an invitation if you are part of a clique. Since Yasmin is still not a part of any group, she is not invited. The girls really want to go, but decide that if they all can't go, then none of them will go.

When Cloe gets home, she finds that her mom is sick and can't do her catering job. Cloe sends her off to bed and calls the girls. They have a lot of fun making really funky fruit, cakes and candy treats. "think of it as fashion for food." Cloe's mom awakes feeling better and is amazed by what the girls have done to help her. She is shortly disappointed to find out that her servers are sick and can't make it. The girls offer to fill in, but Cloe's mom tells them that she is catering for Meredith's Sweet 16, Part 2 party. The girls are not happy, but decide to help out anyway.

Meredith is very happy that the girls are there to work and makes them wear very humiliating clown costumes. If they refuse then Meredith will fire Cloe's mom, who needs the money. Meredith makes a comment about having to fire Cloe's mom before. Meredith leaves to make her grand entrance and the girls go into action with their emergency make-up and sewing supplies.

Meredith's party is huge with a circus theme. There are jugglers and stilt walkers, and cirque du soleil style acrobats. Meredith arrives on a giant elephant and has the crowd cheering for her, but when the girls come out together, everyone stops to check them out as they have re-made the clown outfits into super-hot outfits. Meredith is furious that the attention is taken away from her.

Meredith makes sure the party is focused on her, and has many outfit changes. She performs a song about how hot and trendy she is, complete with sexy dance routine and back up dancers. She then invites Yasmin up to sing, who of course runs off the stage in tears. Meredith then tells everyone what a lovely singing voice that Yasmin has and proceeds to show the video of Yasmin in her bathrobe and face pack dancing around singing with her Bubbie. Everyone starts to laugh, but then Dylan gets up and starts a conga line around the party and everyone forgets about the embarrassing video.

Yasmin thanks Dylan for doing that and they just about kiss, when Meredith comes over and chews her out for not working. There is a scuffle and Meredith and her two friends fall in the pool. Meredith screams that they are BRATS! Meredith's little sister races over with the MTV crew and exclaims that it is the best party ever!

When everyone is back at school, we see that all of the cliques are back together and Meredith rule's again. The girls decide to go out for the talent show to challenge Meredith's rule since she runs the talent show and always wins. There is also a really great prize, a full scholarship to the college of choice, and the girls know that Cloe could use it. They start trying to talk Yasmin into singing for them, but she is very reluctant and they finally cajole her into it.

We see a montage of acts auditioning for the talent show, being judged by Meredith and her friends. There are a lot of talented kids, but Meredith only picks the truly awful ones so that she will be the best act. We also see the girls practicing their dance routine and getting lots of other kids involved in the act, including Dylan who is the DJ.

One of Meredith's friends videos the girls practice and they are very good, much better than Meredith. Meredith pulls Yasmin aside one day and says that if she doesn't drop out, that she will tell everyone how Cloe's mom stole from them when she worked at the mansion as a made. Yasmin goes to tell the girls and Dylan that she is dropping out and that she never wanted to be in the group in the first place. The girls get really mad at her for bailing out on them, and they all storm off telling her that they are not friends any more.

Cloe, Jade and Sasha are hanging out and wondering why Yasmin bailed on them. Cloe's mom says that since they are such good friends that they should find out why Yasmin did what she did. Meanwhile Yasmin is at home crying and explaining to Bubbie what was going on and how that she was just trying to protect her friends. Bubbie says that she should tell her friends and let them decide for themselves what to do. When Yasmin calls the girls, she finds them standing outside. Yasmin tells the girls what is up with Meredith and they decide that they have to stand up to her or she will boss them around until they graduate.

At the talent show, all of the bad acts are coming out and the audience is bored to tears. Meredith is the last act and she does a song and dance routine with her friends and back up dancers. Meredith's song is called "It's all about ME." People are put off by her arrogance, but she was the best act out of the bunch. The judges are about declare her the winner, when the BRATZ girls come running out to do their song. Meredith doesn't want them to perform and Sasha's parents both stand up for her and talk to each other.

Meredith then tries to stop them by threatening to disclose all of their secrets, but the girls want to stand up to her. Meredith shows everyone how Jade tries to keep her parents happy by wearing dull clothes, but then shows a picture of how she dresses once she gets to school. Jade explains to everyone that she is both the scholar and the fashionista, and apologies to her parents for hiding it. Meredith then claims that she kindly gave Cloe's mom a job as their maid, but then she stole Meredith's favorite dolly (big tearful show), and so Meredith had her fired. Meredith's sister comes out and says that she took the doll and Meredith had been using it as a doorstop.

The BRATZ girls give a speech about being true to yourself and that people can have different likes and activities, but still be friends. Then the girls do a really big song and dance routine and include all of the cliques in the school. Yasmin is awesome and their performance brings down the house.

The judges declare a tie, so they announce Meredith as the winner, so she gets the trophy and the BRATZ get the scholarship, which the girls give to Cloe. A man from MTV comes over and tells Meredith that she was good and that she gave a great Sweet 16 party. Then he sees the BRATZ girls and says that they are stars. He invites them to sing on the red carpet for the next movie premiere. The movie ends with the girls all dressed up and singing on the red carpet, with Meredith spying on them with her dad and little dog all dressed alike.

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