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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by HorrorFreak889 who says... "Boogeyman is crazy horror movie!! If you're like me and had nightmares of the Boogeyman as a child, you might want to check out this movie!!"

The movie starts out with 8 year old Tim Jensen trying to fall asleep. He looks around his room and sees shadows, which freaks him out. He looks on his night stand and is even more freaked out by his creepy action figure, which ironically looks exactly like the Boogeyman (very important later). He takes his action figure and puts it in his top drawer and continues lying in bed. He looks around his room some more and sees that his purple glowing ball night light is on and it is creating creepy shadows on the wall. He gets up and turns it off. He goes back to bed and once again looks around his room. He looks over by his door and sees a figure standing there (scary!!). He turns on his desk lamp, only to find out the figure is a chair with baseball equipment on it.

Tim's dad (Charles Mesure) walks in and Tim explains why he can't fall asleep. His dad explains that there is no such thing as the Boogeyman. The dad looks under Tim's bed and sees nothing. He goes over to Tim's closet, opens the door and nothing is there. The dad walks away and suddenly something grabs him and pulls him in (extremely intense and very very disturbing) Tim grabs his flashlight, knocking over his lamp and breaking it. He hides under the covers for a few seconds and pokes his head out. The closet door slams open and the dad comes flying out and then pulled back in.

15 years later.

We meet Tim Jensen (Barry Watson) all grown up at a business party. He is celebrating a co-workers success. Tim works as editor for the local newspaper. Here we meet Tim's beautiful girlfriend Jessica (Tory Mussett). Jessica says she is tired and tells Tim to get their coats out of the closet (Tim is petrified of closets) But for his girlfriend, he doesn't mind risking things.

He walks into the coat room and stares at the closet. He has some violent flashbacks of the Boogeyman. Jessica walks in "Hey, your not getting weird on me again are ya?" Tim replies "Nah, just spaced out there for a minute" Jessica reminds Tim that tomorrow night, he will finally be meeting her parents and he will stay over at their house for the night.

The next night, we cut to Tim arriving at Jessica's rather large mansion. He goes inside, has dinner with the folks. Jessica's dad asks Tim if he has any family. Tim says that his mom is pretty sick and his dad walked out when he was 8 years old (obviously, Tim is in denial with himself, but this changes as the movie progresses).

Dinner wraps up eventually and Tim and Jessica head upstairs. Jessica tells Tim to wait in bed for her, she just has to run downstairs and say good night. Tim lays in bed for a few minutes, once again having violent flashbacks of his father being murdered. Jessica sneaks in and goes under the covers, not saying anything to Tim.

Tim says "Are you alright?" Jessica turns her head over and is revealed to be an old women, his mother!. Tim turns on the light and falls out of bed. His mother walks over to him and yells out "LOOK AT ME!" Suddenly, the mother turns out to be Jessica. Jessica asks why he's on the floor. He says he has a terrible feeling about his mother.

Suddenly, Tim gets a call on his cell phone. It turns out to be from Tim's Uncle Mike. Mike says that there has been an accident with his mother. He also says that a funeral will be held tomorrow. Tim apologizes to Jessica and says that he has to return to his hometown.

The next day we see Tim at the cemetery saying his final goodbyes to his dead mother. He looks across the cemetery and sees a young girl standing at her father's tombstone.

We cut to Tim driving through his small quiet town. He arrives at his childhood therapist's office. He tells the therapist that he is thinking about returning to his childhood home for a few days. His therapist agrees. She says that it's time to grow up, face the facts that his father left and nothing supernatural happened.

Tim agrees, and the two say their goodbyes. The next scene is Tim driving on a farm highway. Out of nowhere a crow hits his front window and Tim spins out of control. Tim pulls the bird out of his car and continues driving.

Tim finally reaches his old house, which is in the middle of nowhere. The house is a huge creepy old farm house. Tim goes inside and looks around for a couple minutes. He hears a scream from outside. It's his old childhood friend Kate (Emily Deschannel) falling off her horse. He goes outside and the two meet. She said she heard he was in town and just had to stop by.

They go inside and talk for a while. Tim looks around the house and discovers some old photos of the two of them. He sees one photo that brings back a violent flashback of the night his father disappeared. Kate catches up with him and Tim seems to be fine by now. After looking at a few photos Kate says she has to get back home. She lives with her dad. The two say goodbye and Kate leaves.

Later that night, Tim makes dinner for himself and takes out the trash. He hears a noise coming from his shed. He goes inside and looks around. The little girl that Tim saw at the funeral earlier is hiding in the corner. Franny (Skye McCole Bartusiak) comes out and introduces herself. Tim says that it is late and she should get home because her parents are probably worried. "I wanted to ask you something - is it true, the Boogeyman took your daddy?" Franny says. Tim replies "No, he left when I was 8 years old" Franny is quiet, and runs off.

Tim goes inside. He looks around upstairs and starts to hear banging coming from the hall closet. He hears loud noises. Tim freaks out and runs to the front door to leave, only finding Jessica standing their. Jessica says that she misses him. Tim says that they have to stay away from the house. They decide to stay at a local motel for the night.

Jessica tells Tim to just relax. They get a room and Jessica tells Tim to wait a few minutes while she runs a bath for them. She goes in the bathroom and shuts the door. Tim goes outside and gets a bag of ice to fill the wine bucket. Meanwhile, we cut back to the house and see Kate wandering around Tim's house looking for him. Cut back to Tim and he lays on the bed, waiting for Jessica to call him in. A few minutes go by, still no call from Jessica. Tim thinks it's some type of sexy game so he walks over to the closet and opens the door. No Jessica, but Tim has somehow made his way into the closet hallway of his house (yes, we're all confused now)

Kate pops out and opens the hallway closet "Oh there you are, I've been searching around this old house looking for ya". Tim, in a state of shock says that he was just in his motel room with Jessica and now he's in his house. Tim explains that he has to get back to the motel and find out what the hell is going on.

Tim and Kate get into the car and drive to the motel. Tim runs inside and checks the bathroom. The tub is empty, where is Jessica? Tim and Kate see a bloody hand print on the bath tub. Tim says that the Boogeyman must have gotten her. Kate, a little freaked out asks Tim to take her home.

He tells Kate that no one would believe that the Boogeyman took Jessica. Thinking Tim killed her, Jessica asks him if there was an accident he needs to tell her about. He tells her he would never hurt Jessica. He arrives at Kate's house and she gets out of the car and goes inside. Tim sees what looks like the Boogeyman inside her house upstairs. He pounds on her door till she opens it he tells her he's in the house. She tells him he needs help and no one is in the house but her dad. She tells him to leave before she calls the police. When she's inside and Tim has left, she calls Tim's uncle Mike and tells him she is worried about him and asks him to go check on him.

Tim passes a playground and sees Franny. He goes over to her and they talk. We cut to Kate on the phone with Tim's Uncle Mike. She asks Mike to go check up on Tim at his house because he is acting strange. Mike agrees.

Cut back to Franny and Tim. They are at an abandoned house. Tim says that the man who used to live in this house had a little girl who was taken by the Boogeyman. The man went crazy and tried to fight the Boogeyman, however he wasn't strong enough. He was killed. Franny looks around the house and sees "missing posters" of herself. Turns out that Franny was the little girl who was taken by the Boogeyman. Her father was the one who tried to face the Boogeyman but he failed. She tells Tim that he is the only one strong enough to kill the Boogeyman because he truly believes in the Boogeyman. Franny disappears indicating that she was a spirit all this time.

We quickly cut back to Kate in her room; she hears a noise in her closet and goes over to check it (important in about 3 minutes). Cut back to Tim arriving at his house. Uncle Mike's car is in the driveway.

He hears several noises. He is at the downstairs closet once again. He grabs a hammer and is about to go in when the closet door is thrown open and he is struck back. You see a nail gun being fired what seems like at Tim. It flashbacks of what happened to Mike. Mike is thrown out and encased in plastic wrap. He is trying to help Mike by cutting the plastic wrap and the Boogeyman grabs Mike and pulls him back into the closet. Tim runs in the closet after Mike and ends up in the motel room. He hears screaming from the bathroom. He opens the door and finds Jessica screaming and getting pulled underwater by the Boogeyman. Tim does all he can to save her, but Jessica is taken by the Boogeyman. Tim gets up from the tub, leaves a bloody hand print, runs into the motel room closet and ends up in the hallway of his house.

He runs down the hallway and sees Kate coming out of another closet at the top of the stairs. She is confused as hell. Suddenly, the Boogeyman comes running up the stairs. Just before the Boogeyman gets Kate, Tim runs in the way and pulls Kate into a room. He locks the door. "What the hell was that" Kate yells out. Tim looks around the room where they are hiding and realizes that it is his childhood bedroom.

The closet door swings open and the Boogeyman appears. Tim starts to remember items that frightened and caused his fears as a youth, that night his dad was taken. He sees a bird mobile and hits it with a baseball bat, the boogeyman turns into several crows before reappearing. He then remembers the plasma ball and destroys it. The Boogeyman is seen with electrical plasma currents going through his body. He is still strong and by this time the Boogeyman is sucking everything into the closet, furniture, pictures, etc. Kate is hanging on and seems to be flying, trying not to be sucked in. Tim is also hanging onto the chair, and remembers the action figure. He grabs it and knocks it upside the nightstand/dresser breaking it. The boogeyman shrieks and the closet slams shut. Tim opens the closet and nothing. Kate is staring at the closet. Tim says he won't be back. Hegoes to the window and opens it. We hear several birds and then the credits.

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