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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by streekerz who calls it a "Great movie with a surprise near the end."

The movie starts off showing FBI agent Terry McCaleb (Eastwood) arriving at a crime scene where a woman was brutally killed. The killer has sprayed on the walls in blood, "Catch Me McCaleb: 903 624 587" (The number's important later on). He comes out of the house where he's mobbed by reporters and notices that in the crowd stands a hooded figure with blood on his shoes. He gives chase but has a heart attack and is unable to pursue the murderer any further, but manages to wound him with a gunshot (Also important later on). Two years later, we find out that McCaleb got a heart transplant and is under strict supervision by his doctor played by Angelia Huston.

He returns to the dock where he lives on a boat, and his neighbor Buddy calls out to him that he has a visitor, who turns out to be the sister of a slain woman during a convenience store robbery.

She wants McCaleb to investigate the death which the cops believe only to be a routine robbery.

At first, he refuses since he's retired, but then she tells him that he has her sister's heart and he relents. First, he stops off at police HQ and watches the tape of the murder. Then he researches and discovers that two weeks before the murder, a man was shot and killed while he was withdrawing cash from an ATM machine. McCaleb knows there's a link between the two deaths, and visits the slain man's wife who allows him to inspect her husband's truck. There, he notices the sticker "I gave blood today" but leaves without paying further attention to it. During this time, he recruits Buddy to be his driver in a cop/buddy kind of role. Next, they visit a primary suspect in the shooting but he escapes during McCaleb's interrogation. He's found dead the next day of apparent suicide. The local cops think they've got their killer, but McCaleb isn't so sure.

They retire to the dock and McCaleb asks him how much he owes Buddy (for driving him around), and asks if he'll take a check (important later on).

He makes it out to Jasper Noone, Buddy's real name and pins the check onto one of those bulletin boards on his boat.

During his last stop, he visits the convenience store where the killing took place and watched the surveillance tape once more. He also obtains the 911 call placed by a "good samaritan" who fled the scene.

McCaleb notices the time of the shooting and the time of the 911 call and realizes that the call was made before the shooting, hence the good samaritan must have been the killer.

After investigating even further, he realizes the link between the woman slain in the convenience store and the man slain at the ATM machine: they were both organ donors and they both had a rare blood type that McCaleb also had. Therefore, the victims were killed for their organs.

McCaleb then goes to Buddy and tells him to take off his shirt, which he does and reveals a bullet wound scar, and he realizes that the killer was Buddy who was with him the whole time!! Turns out that Buddy killed the first guy at the ATM machine for his organs but the ambulance screwed up and the delay resulted in the man's death, so his organs were no good.

The next time, he called 911 first before he killed the convenience store lady so the ambulance had a good head start to keep her alive until her organs could be salvaged. Buddy killed the victims because he couldn't let McCaleb die since he "needed him" in a twisted sort of sense. One was the good guy and the other was the bad guy. But how did McCaleb know Buddy was the killer? The number at the beginning of the film, 903 624 587, has all the digits except for the number 1, and remember the name Buddy asked him to make the check out to? Jasper Noone (Noone= no one) But McCaleb can't arrest him because he's taken the sister of the dead woman hostage along with her nephew.

McCaleb shoots him in the arm, and forces Buddy to take him where he kept them, a large ship in the middle of the ocean. He finds them, but Buddy escapes and grabs a machine gun. During the gun fight, McCaleb shoots and kills Buddy, and afterwards, resumes the romance he started with the sister.

Spoiler by Bernie “Streekerz” Lau


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