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BLADE: Trinity

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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by The Cotman.

The movie opens with a team of vampires led by a female called Talos (Parker Posy) and her right-hand vampire Jarko (Triple-H). There are a handful of other vamps with them and they arrive by helicopter at an ancient Iraqi /Syrian temple. There all dressed up in combat gear to protect them from the Sun. Once inside the temple they wander round looking for Dracula - the first and most powerful vampire that ever lived. One of the vamps finds something on his heat sensor under the floor just a hole appears in the sand floor and something powerful grabs him and tears his head off. It then raises itself out of the ground looking like a seven foot demon in an ugly mood...

Cut to American city and a warehouse exploding. The surviving occupants rush out of the building only to run into the guy that set the explosion off in the first place - Blade. The warehouse was a nest of vamps and Blade goes after the survivors. What follows is a car chase through the streets as Blade takes out several cars and motorbikes with vamps in them. The last car trying to get away from Blade crashes as Blade turns on his UV headlights and the drivers turns to ash. The passenger in the car survives the crash but is badly injured but still tries to make his escape. Blade shoots him with a silver stake. This guy doesn't turn to ash though and Blade realizes he just shot a human. Blade also doesn't realize that the warehouse was a set-up and Talos is filming when he kills the human by accident. The footage is turned over to the FBI and now Blade is a wanted man.

Talos is back at her headquarters and their feeding humans to Dracula so he can get his strength up. Talos enters the room and steps over a pile of bodies as Dracula shape shifts from demon to human (Dominic Purcell). Dracula now starts calling himself Drake and is not too impressed at being woken up and regards the vampires as inferior to himself. We find that Drake can walk during the day without turning to ash. Talos convinces Drake to help them kill Blade as he is the single biggest threat to their existence they face. Drake agrees.

Whistler returns from buying a newspaper and ticks off Blade for killing the human but the FBI have followed Whistler and lay siege to their hideout. Whistler is killed in the fire fight by blowing himself up whilst Blade is surrounded by heavily armed FBI agents and all he has is his sword. He lays down his weapon, heartbroken at losing his father figure, and gives quietly.

We are now introduced to a lone woman dressed like a tramp walking along a deserted railroad station platform. She is attacked by four vamps. She throws off her rags and kills all the vamps in a really well executed fight scene which introduces Abigail and her array of weapons and martial arts skills. She ashes them all, leaving no evidence and coolly walks away.

Blade is now in the hands of the police and is showing signs of needing his serum. He has been restrained to a chair and the FBI officer in charge (James Remar) starts to question Blade. Blade just ignores him as the police psychologist, Dr. Vance, arrives to see if he can do any better. Whilst Vance questions Blade a disagreement breaks out between the police chief and the FBI agent as to who has jurisdiction over Blade. They leave the interrogation room to argue it out leaving Vance to question Blade alone. A vamp, obviously working in league with the police, is watching the doctor and Blade through a two way mirror. Vance reveals to Blade that he is a 'familiar' - a human who helps the vamps in return for their safety or a promise they will one day be turned. The conversation is interrupted by the vamp crashing through the two way mirror, turning to ash as he does, quickly followed by Hannibal King, a fellow vampire killer. Hannibal gives Blade his serum while trying to tackle another vamp. The other vamp is beating the hell out of Hannibal when Blade recovers his strength and fights of the vamps. They hook up with Abigail who is also part of this team and together they the escape via a long shootout with police and vamps and into a getaway car.

Blade finds out Abigail is Whistlers daughter and both Abigail and Hannibal are part of a group called The Night Stalkers. Blade goes back to their hideout and finds more of their team. A geeky weapons expert, a blind biologist and her 10 yr. old daughter plus the getaway driver who we already met. The group found out what happened to Whistler and rallied to Blade's aid. Blade takes some convincing that they are a serious threat to the vamps and prefers to work alone but is soon convinced when he finds Hannibal used to be a vamp but was 'cured' and that the biologist has developed a 'vampire final solution' - a virus which will kill all vamps across the world. But to get it to work they need to mix it with Drakes blood for he is pure vampire.

Hannibal, Abigail and Blade go off to find a lead to take them to Drake. After beating the hell out of the 'familiars' they know of they are led to Dr. Vance. They burst into his office to see Vance calmly standing in front of his desk. Then the see the real Vance dead on the floor. Drake has killed him and shape shifted into Vance. Realizing his deception has been spotted, Drake turns back to human form and takes Hannibel hostage. He stabs Hannibel in the shoulder with a silver stake and jumps from a window, landing on a roof many stories below. Blade follows and they chase through the crowded city streets until Drake snatches a baby and stands on a high rooftop ledge. Blade keeps his distance as Drake threatens to drop the child. Drake talks of hearing about Blade being an honourable warrior such as himself and promises to kill him the next time they meet. Drake throws the baby in the air and Blade saves the child whilst Drake gets away.

It's back to The Night Stalkers HQ where they drop Hannibel off for treatment for his wound. Then Blade and Abigail go to shutdown a warehouse used by the vamps to harvest the blood of hundreds of comatose homeless people who are stored there as a food supply. While they are gone, Drake pays Night Stalkers HQ a visit. He kills the geek weapons expert and the getaway driver. He kidnaps the Hannibal and the little girl and then bites the blind woman, leaving her an unconscious mess for Blade and Abigail to find. Although not onscreen, Abigial kills the blind woman. The Night Stalkers are fitted with a satellite tracking chip and they find where Hannibal has been taken. They gear up to rescue their friend and also put the virus material the biologist developed into an arrow tip. If they can stab Drake with a poisoned arrow, the mix of the virus and the Drakes blood would create a deadly disease that would kill all vamps. They get on their bikes and race through the streets...

Hannibal is interrogated about what Blade knows and is given a good hiding for good measure but refuses to talk. Talos brings in the little girl and tells Hannibal that unless he talks they will turn him back to a vamp, starve him of blood for several days then leave him in the room with the girl. Just when it seems Hannibal is about to be bitten, Blade and Abigail burst in and all hell breaks loose. Abigail frees Hannibal while Blade kills anything that moves.

Talos and Jarko run for cover.

Blade eventually finds Drake who is waiting for him - Drake sees this as an honourable fight between one warrior to another. A sword fight between the two breaks out while Abigail and Hannibal kill all the vamps they come across in the building. Jarko corners Hannibal. A big fight breaks out and Hannibal ashes him with a UV bullet.

Blade and Drake both lose their swords in the fight and now go hand to hand. Drake and Blade are kicking lumps out of each other when Drake turns into the demon from the start of the movie. Now Blade is getting a really good hiding and can't seem to respond to Drakes demonic strength. Abigail sees them fighting and fires the poisoned arrow at Drake who whirls round and catches it mid air. Drake drops it to the floor while Abigail fires off an ordinary arrow which hits Drake in the shoulder. Thanks to this distraction, Blade grabs the poisoned arrow and stabs Drake in the stomach. Drake slowly turns back into human form realizing he is dying. The virus immediately creates a deadly disease which kill all the remaining vamps in the building, including Talos as she is just about to kill Hannibal. Drake slumps to the floor next to Blade and talks of an honourable fight but there is one vampire who will survive this, a daywalker like himself who could create a whole new generation of vamps should he give in to his vamp side... Blade. Drake says he will give Blade a parting gift...

Blade is laid out in an autopsy room, dead. The pathologist is about to cut into Blade's chest when he changes into Drake. The parting gift was to shapeshift into Blade to allow the real Blade time to escape.

It ends with a voice over from Hannibal saying that, for Blade, the war will never be over...

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