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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Tyrel.

The film opens with the dance sequence that closed the first film. Over the opening credits a montage is shown what all of the characters have been up to over the past fourteen years. After the credits we cut to Mia Morgan Sullivan (Monica Calhoun) writing a letter requesting Harper (Taye Diggs) and his nine month pregnant wife Robin’s (Sanna Lathan) attendance at her Christmas weekend party. Harper is reluctant to go as he’s still not on the best of terms with Lance a running back for the New York Giants (Morris Chestnut) Mia’s husband since Harper slept with Mia, while they were in college.  

The next scene shows Murch (Harold Perrieanu) who has married Candace (Regina Hall) the former stripper he connected with in the first film. Murch & Candace run a private school for at risk kids; however one of their key investors refuses to invest in the school after some of Candace’s past shows up on YouTube. Harper goes to meet with his agent Stan (John Michael Higgins) who tells Harper he needs to write a book similar to his first one Unfinished Business as his last few books have all been flops. Harper revels to Stan that he’s been fired from his teaching job at NYU. Stan then pitches the idea of Harper writing an unauthorized biography of Lance.

Harper goes visit Jordan (Nia Long) who is now a successful TV executive. Looking around her office, Harper sees Jordan has won numerous awards and while Harper is happy, he’s clearly a bit jealous. While catching up with Harper, Jordan’s white boyfriend Brian (Eddie Cibrian) walks in, and Jordan is the butt of some teasing by Harper. Harper leaves the office and decides  to go Mia and Lance’s after with the ulterior motive of pitching the bio idea to Lance. Harper and Robin arrive at Mia and Lance’s, where they are given a warm response by Mia, but Harper sees a bit of a distant reception from Lance.

The rest of the guests including  Quentin (Terrance Howard) and Shelby (Melissa DeSousa) arrive at the house as well and the celebration begins. At dinner , all of the old friends are catching up and Harper asks Lance what his three mottos in life are and Lance replies with God, Family and Football.

After dinner, Q & Murch are talking about, what Murch found out about Candace’s past. Murch shows Q the video on his phone, and when Candace’s walks in almost catching the two, Q  grabs Murch’s phone and throws it on the ground. All of the guys are hanging out in Lance’s man cave, where Q is giving Brian a hard time about dating Jordan. However Brian impresses’ Q and the rest of the guys, when he’s able to dish it out as well. While the guys are  having a good time , the ladies (Shelby, Mia and Jordan) are as well.

The next day, Lance goes out for a run, and is surprised when Harper is outside waiting for him. Harper tries to keep up with Lance, but fails miserably. Lance and Harper take a break, have a quick pow wow and slowly but surely there relationship is improving.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Brian is saying goodbye to Jordan (he’s leaving to meet family in Vermont) and Jordan coldly replies to Brian that while she loves him, she doesn’t need him. Lance leaves for a team meeting and Harper heads back to the house. When Harper gets back to the house, Robin replies she needs groceries, as she’s cooking dinner tonight for the friends tonight. Harper, Q and Murch go to the grocery store, where Harper’s credit card is declined and Q asks him if he’s having any money trouble. Harper lies and says he isn’t.

That night after dinner, the guys perform “Can You Stand The Rain” air band style for the ladies to great response. All of the couples in the house have sex that night, while Q sends photos of his privates to Shelby. Harper goes down to the kitchen, where he and Jordan make some small talk, and Jordan says she knows that Harper is writing a bio on Lance. Jordan tells Harper that she will work of Mia and gives Harper an IPAD for a Christmas present. Harper gives Jordan a hug and a forehead kiss, which Robin sees and misreads. As Harper is headed back to bed, he comes across Mia, throwing up blood in a room and Mia revels to Harper that she has cancer. Lance, walks in on Mia & Harper talking and Mia revels to Lance that Harper knows, however they both ask Harper to keep the  condition a secret from everyone else.

The next morning at breakfast, Q and Shelby mix up there phones. Q had watched some more of Candace’s video and with this new found knowledge Shelby attempts to use this to her advantage to get back with Murch. Candace find out this, confronts Shelby and a catfight ensures, causing Candace to leave the house with her and Murch’s kids. The guys all head to Lance’s football practice where Q and Murch almost come to blows in back of the car.

While at the practice, Q reveals to Murch, that he did marry a stripper so he shouldn’t be mad at her or at the situation. Back at the house the ladies are preparing for a spa day, when Mia collapses while trying to hang a Christmas ornament. Robin and Jordan send Harper a text telling him to come home, which forces Harper to tell the rest of the friend’s what’s going on. As Lance is leaving practice his friends all embrace him and they head home.

Back at the house, Q and Mia smoke a joint and talk about the old times, while everyone else spends time with Mia as well. Harper is wrapping gifts, when Lance approaches him, the two have a heart to heart, where Harper pours his heart out to Lance, explaining that he misses him and they two seem to have let the past be the past.

The next day, the gang heads to a shelter to where they are volunteering. Q is Santa Claus, while Harper and Lance seem to be as close as they were in the old days. After the volunteer work is done, Lance is preparing to leave when he sees Harper already has a mock book cover  for Lance’s unauthorized bio, which causes Lance to confront Harper and tell him to stay away from him and his family. Mia tries her best to calm Lance, but to no avail.

Inside the shelter, Q and Harper are having a heart to heart, when Q asks Harper does he need any money help. Harper finally breaks downs, admits that he does and Q says he will help him on the condition that Harper call him Daddy at least once.

Back at Lance and Mia’s, Lance is still heated over the bio reveal with Harper, when Mia says that in the last fourteen years, Lance has never blamed Mia once, when she’s just to blame as much as Harper is. Mia revels to Lance, that she slept with Harper, as she knew how much it would Lance and she was sick of Lance cheating on her. Mia then takes off her wig, which shows just how severe her condition really is, as she is almost bald. Outside of the house, Robin is going through some of Mia’s old baby things when Candace returns with the kids. Candace and Murch make up, as Candace reveals to Murch she only performed “extra services” for a customer once did it once and has regretted it ever since.

That night, everyone is gathered around the fireplace listening to all the kids sing Christmas carols and Mia joins in with her daughter singing. Harper and Q return, and Harper makes amends with Robin and for the night all is well between everyone.

The next day is Christmas and Lance’s big game. Brain returns to be with Jordan  ,and the two make up. The ladies all watch the game together as family in Mia and Lance’s bedroom, while all of the guys go to the game. At the game, Lance starts out having trouble, and it isn’t until Mia calls Harper’s cellphone, to speak to Lance that he’s able to play like the star he is. Lance breaks the all-time rushing record, wins the big games and heads home to be with his dying wife.  Lance and Mia spend the night together, and off screen Mia dies that night.

Three days later, the gang is preparing for Mia’s funeral. Outside of Lance’s house Shelby gives Julian a check for two million dollars (which cover the expenses for the school he didn’t get when the donor pulled out), all she asks in return is that they arrange a play date for their kids. At the funeral everyone is pretty emotional except for Lance. Harper gives a very heartfelt eulogy and at the burial, Lance finally breaks down as Mia’s casket is lowered into the ground. 

Back at the house, everyone seems to have made up as they realize what’s really important in life. Brian tells Murch that he knows some additional investors to help out Murch. Harper and Lance are outside making up, and the two are friends once again. Robin’s water’s breaks, so Lance, Harper and Candace all rush to the hospital, however they get stuck in traffic and have to deliver the baby in the back of Lance’s SUV. The baby comes out healthy and is named Mia in honor of their fallen friend.

Ten months later, Harper and Lance are closer than ever and Harper as written Lance’s autobiography. It’s also apparent that  Lance is the baby’s godfather as he visiting Harper and Mia at their house in New York. Harper gets a phone call from Q, and Lance tells him to put in on speaker. Q reveals to Lance and Harper that he’s getting married, but not before telling Harper that he better have not had sex with her.

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