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The movie begins as we see a group of Serbian soldiers doing what appears to be planting trees.

We then cut to onboard the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean Sea. The war in Bosnia is just ending and in fact, a UN peace treaty has just been reached. The soldiers on the ship know it will be only a few weeks till they head back home.

Owen Wilson plays Burnett, a Navy pilot who is tired of all the drills, practices and just plain old boring Navy life and has just sent his Admiral, Gene Hackman a letter advising him that he will not be returning.

On Christmas, Hackman gives Burnett a quick fly over assignment to take some photos.

Burnett is the navigator and he and his pilot take off on the mission. For some reason they get a little off course and end up flying over a demilitarized zone where no one is supposed to be. There are however a group of Serbian troops (the ones we saw in the opening credits) who notice the jet flying above. The leader of this group orders it shot down and after an exciting 5 minutes or so of trying to avoid the missiles, the plane is shot down and the two men eject to safety.

Burnett's pilot is hurt and the radio won't work where they are at. Burnett decides to walk up to the top of a high hill to try it there. While he's up there, he notices down below that Serbs have found his buddy and they execute him as Burnett watches from binoculars. Burnett screams as his friend is shot. The Serbs hear his scream and now the chase is on.

Burnett finally radios Hackman to explain what has happened but has to cut it short as the Serbs are now getting close.

Hackman uses some spectacular satellite technology to pinpoint where Burnett is. He can watch an infrared image of the Serbs closing in on him. Burnett is on the run but falls down a small hill. Hackman is watching all this but from his infrared view, it looks like Burnett has been shot. Hackman and the men watching can't figure out why the Serbs are walking all around Burnett but not approaching him. Next thing you know, the Serbs leave.

We cut back to Burnett and discover that he is in a sea of dead bodies, mass murdered by the Serbs. He was hiding underneath a body so the Serbs never saw him. There were also many newly planted trees around to help eventually hide the mass burial ground.

Hackman demands a rescue party be put together but his commander says that it will set back the peace process that they have worked so hard on and refuses to go after him.

Meanwhile, back in the woods, Burnett is being pursued by a top Serbian sniper.

For the next hour or so, there are a few close calls and mistaken identies as Burnett swaps uniforms with a Serb to evade capture.

With his radio broken, Burnett returns to the original landing spot and finds his ejected seat. He turns on the tracking device so Hackman will know he's alive but unfortunately, so will the Serbs.

Hackman gets his men together and against orders, flies in towards Burnett.

The sniper makes his way to the tracking device but Burnett is nowhere to be found. Suddenly, up from a snowpile pops Burnett, firing away at the sniper.

The sniper goes down and you can hear the helicopters coming in the background. Suddenly, the Serbian troops that had also been after him arrive just as the helicopters fly up over the ridge of the cliff.

A nice little battle goes on and when Burnett has the chance to hop on Hackman's helicopter, he instead runs back to the tracking device to get the photo evidence of what caused all this mess.

He eventually gets back on the helicopter and arrives safely back onboard the USS Carl Vinson. On the flight there, he tells Hackman to tear up his letter that said he was leaving the Navy.

Just before the credits roll we learn that Burnett never did leave the Navy and that Hackman was re-assigned to a desk job but retired instead.


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