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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Roger.

The movie opens on the pages of a storybook.  Marty Bronson tells us how he started a small hotel the Sunny where he and his children Skeeter and Wendy lived.  While Wendy sits behind the desk of the hotel, a young Skeeter dressed like a bellhop takes a couple's bags to their room.  Marty tells his son a bedtime story before going downstairs to meet with Barry Nottingham.  Skeeter comes downstairs to listen in.  Seems Marty's hotel is going bankrupt and Nottingham is offering to buy it.  He tells Marty that if he signs over the hotel, that he will keep Skeeter on and one day Skeeter may run the hotel.

Cut to the present where Marty tells us Skeeter is still working for Nottingham, but not running the place.  The small hotel is now a state of the art multi-story hotel.  Skeeter is now the maintenance man.  Skeeter is preparing the microphone where Mr. Nottingham is going to make a speech.  Kendall (Guy Pierce) tells Skeeter to make sure the microphone works.  Skeeter makes funny noises into the microphone and the crowd looks puzzled.  Mickey (Russell Brand) a waiter at the hotel and Skeeter's friend watches and laughs.

Skeeter retreats to the back of the room beside Mr. Nottingham's daughter Violet.  Mr. Nottingham says he is closing the Sunny and turning it into a new theme hotel.  He says he has chosen someone who has worked with him for a long time to run the place, some one who has been waiting a long time, Kendall.  Skeeter is stunned.  Mr. Nottingham and Kendall make their way to the back of the room where Kendall hugs Violet, we learn the two are dating.

Skeeter goes to his sister Wendy's house where she is having a birthday party for her daughter Bobbi.  Skeeter comes in where Bobbi and her brother Patrick are sitting at a table.  He is carrying a bag of cookies, which the children at the party grab and run away with.  Wendy is serving organic food which the kids don't like.Skeeter hasn't visited in a while and calls Patrick by Bobbi's name at first.  Wendy tells Skeeter she wants to speak with him. Wendy is the principal of a school that is being shut down.  She has interviews scheduled in Arizona and wants Skeeter to watch the kids for the week while she is gone.  She tells him that one of the teachers at her school Jill will pick the kids up in the morning and take them to school and bring them back at night for Skeeter to watch.  As Skeeter is leaving Jill is entering the party.  She tells him he is rude for blocking two parking spaces with his truck.  He jokes about her owning a Pries, to which Jill asks how he knew she drove a Prius, he says he knows her type.

Back at the hotel Skeeter is fixing a fridge and talking to Mickey.  Mickey tells Skeeter he should tell Mr. Nottingham he wants a shot. Skeeter doesn't think it’s worth a try.  Skeeter' phone rings, its Jill, he forgot to pick up the kids.  When Skeeter shows up at Wendy's, the kids and Jill are making signs to save their school.  As Jill leaves Skeeter asks the kids what they want to watch on TV.  Jill informs him they don't own a TV.  Skeeter, unsure what else to do with the kids, tells them its time for bed.

As the kids are settle Skeeter goes to turn off the lights when Patrick says they want a bedtime story.  Skeeter looks through the books they have and doesn't like any.  He decides to make up his own story.  He begins to tell a tale of a knight who everyone loves who is about to take over the kingdom.  However, Skeeter changes the story to himself being a peasant who nobody likes named Sir Fixalot.  The king is going to crown Sir Buttkiss (Kendall) to becoming the new king. Skeeter finishes the story and the kids tell him that can't be it.  Skeeter tells them there is no such thing as a happy ending, they don't agree. They change the story to Sir Fixalot becoming king.  While the villagers are celebrating their new king, the children make a rainstorm of gumballs.

As Skeeter is driving home it begins to rain gumballs.  He stops his truck and gets out, opening an umbrella. He can't believe the story has come true.  As the camera pulls away we see Skeeter is under an overpass where a truck carrying gumballs has crashed, causing them to rain down on Skeeter, unknowingly below. Skeeter realizing the story is true decides to change the story in his favor.  He has to work the next night so he brings the children to the hotel.  Mickey is in the room with Skeeter and the kids and Skeeter starts telling a story about Jeremiah Skeets, an old west cowboy.  Jeremiah is looking at some horses when an Indian (Rob Schneider) walks up and starts talking to him. Jeremiah wants a new horse.  The Indian brings out a red horse, he calls Ferrari.  Jeremiah says it is nice, but he can't afford it.  The Indian tells him he can have it for free.

As Jeremiah is riding his horse, he sees a damsel in distress (Violet).  Jeremiah saves the lady and tells the robbers to give her jewelry back.  The damsel tells Jeremiah she wants to repay him, so he asks for 100 million dollars.  The children interrupt not liking this.  They decide this wouldn't happen, how about if Jeremiah got a kiss.  Skeeter changes the ending, when he is about to kiss the damsel, Patrick interrupts that a dwarf comes up and kicks Jeremiah.  Skeeter protests the story doesn't make sense, but the kids decide they are happy with the ending and go to sleep.  Skeeter asks Mickey to watch the kids.

Skeeter is standing outside of a car dealership staring at a Ferrari when a man, who looks a lot like the Indian walks up.  Skeeter asks if he is the man he is supposed to meet.  Sure says the guy.  Skeeter asks if he is going to give him the Ferrari, the man says yes and to close his eyes.  When Skeeter closes his eyes the guy takes his wallet and runs.  Skeeter gets in his truck to follow the guy when he sees Violet leaving a club with paparazzi following her.  He pulls the truck over splashing them.  They all yell as Violet gets in the truck.  "How about giving the lady those pictures you took back," they say no way, but Skeeter makes the truck backfire.  Thinking he has a gun, they drop their cameras. Skeeter and Violet pick up the cameras and she tells him she wants to give him something to repay him.  They are about to kiss when a dwarf comes and kicks Skeeter in the leg.  The dwarf is part of a fraternity.  Violet begins to leave, getting into a Ferrari.  "This is how it happens," Skeeter says thinking he is going to get the car.  Violet gets in the car and leaves.  Skeeter figures out the kids are the key.

The next night Skeeter begins to tell a story about Skeeterus, an ancient gladiator who is trying to win the king's daughters love in a Roman Coliseum.  Skeeterus comes entering the stadium in a horse led chariot and knocks some columns to make ramps and jumps over a series of elephants.  The kids add that the king is so impress he decides to give Skeeterus a chance to become the new king. The fairest maiden in the land (Violet) is so impressed the children say she goes out with Skeetercus, they run into the other ladies of the land who used to make run of Skeeterus but are now jealous, so jealous they begin to do the hokie pokey.  The fairest lady and Skeeterus go to the beach  where a man is on the beach not breathing.  Skeeterus jumps on the guy causing him to spit up an entire fish and get up and thank Skeeterus.  It begins to rain and the two run into a cave where they run into Abraham Lincoln.  At the mention of Lincoln, Skeeter interrupts them telling that makes no sense.  The children gets mad at him and go to sleep without finishing the story.

The next day Aspen (Lucy Lawless), the receptionist who doesn't like Skeeter tells him the TV needs fixed in Mr. Nottingham's room.  Skeeter goes up but when he turns on the light, Nottingham tells him to turn it off.  Nottingham has developed a fear of germs, and believes they breed in light.  Skeeter begins to fix the TV when Nottingham mentions Skeeter has been working at the hotel a long time.  He says the new hotel they are opening up has a theme that is secret. He tells Skeeter to come over and sit, he is going to tell him the secret.  The secret theme is rock and roll memorabilia.  Skeeter mentions the Hard Rock already has this theme.  Kendall is summoned to the room, where Nottingham wonders why Kendall never told him about this.  He decides that is going to give Skeeter a chance. Kendall and Skeeter are to come up with a theme for the new hotel and will present them at Nottingham's birthday party, who ever makes a better one will run the place.

Kendall is on the phone with Aspen, he is trying to find the site for the new hotel but all he sees is a school.  She informs him that's the right place. The school is Wendy's school. Skeeter goes to the beach, where he calls Violet and asks her to come to the beach with him.  Violet is on a plane for Las Vegas.  Skeeter isn't sure why the fairest lady of the land isn't coming, when Jill is rollerblading down the boardwalk and knocks him over.  "It's you," Skeeter says, realizing she is whom the children had in mind.  Jill skipped school to hand out resumes for the day.  She decides to go get a drink with Skeeter.  The two enter a bar where a table full of girls that went to school with Skeeter are sitting.  One of the girls, Donna Hynde (Aisha Tyler) gets up to talk to Skeeter.  He asks Jill to pretend to be his girlfriend. Donna apologizes for making fun of him in high school and all of sudden the table of girls begins doing the hokie pokie, Jill and Skeeter leave.

The two are at the beach when they walk about a fat man passed up.  Skeeter jumps on him and he spits up a fish.  "We better get out of this rain," Skeeter says seconds before it starts raining. The two run under the boardwalk.  Jill is about to kiss him when he hears rumbling, "Here comes Lincoln," he shouts.  A penny falls down from the boardwalk.  Jill isn't sure why he didn't kiss her and leaves.

Skeeter wants the kids to go to bed early so they can come up with some ideas for his hotel.  However they want a story about outer space. So begins a tale of Skeeto, an alien, who Patrick makes speak in a funny language.  Another alien creature (Brand) translates for him.  Skeeto is to battle Kendallo to become the ruler of the kingdom.  The two have a fight when a giant booger monster attacks Kendallo allowing Skeeto to win.  Skeeto is celebrating his victory when the children have a fireball hit Skeeto.  The End they shout and go to sleep, Skeeter tries to wake them but they won't.

Skeeter is driving in his truck and turning the radio.  Ever song has something to do with fire. He stops at the Home Depot to get anti-fire spray for trees.  He sprays it on himself, and then into the eyes of the clerk who walks up to him.  Kendall is sitting with Jill telling her about the hotel taking over the school and that Skeeter knew all along.

Skeeter shows up to Nottingham's birthday party, which has a Hawaiian theme.  He dodges the tiki torches and pushes a man spinning fire batons into the pool.  A lady comes up and asks him if he wants ice cream.  After being assured it doesn't get lit on fire, he takes it.  As he is eating it a bee lands on it, which he spoons in his mouth, where it bites his tongue.

Nottingham has some staff of the hotel in the presentation for their opinions.  Kendall goes first, presenting his theme, which is a Broadway musical theme.  The staff looks bored.  Skeeter goes next but can't talk right (much like the alien) because of the bee sting.  Mickey translates for him, saying most hotels try and looks like your house, but they should be more like an adventure like his stories.  Nottingham and the staff love his idea, he gets the job.  Kendall passes out, Violet's bulldog jumps on him and licks his face, leaving a trail of snot.

Outside Kendall congratulates Skeeter telling him he is brave for running a hotel that is closing down his girlfriend's school.  Skeeter goes to talk to Nottingham about this, when Nottingham's birthday cake is brought out.  Seeing the candle, Skeeter afraid of burning up uses a fire extinguisher on the cake and Nottingham.  Nottingham tells Skeeter he is fired.  "Oh that's how they works in," Skeeter says.

Wendy comes to Skeeters to tell him she found a job and that he should come visit in a few months, the kids will forgive him by then.  Skeeter is sitting in his room defeated.  Marty's voice comes over and tells him he can't let a story end like this.  He has to do something.

While Kendall is at the school with the demolition crew; Wendy, the kids, and a group of others are protesting; Nottingham is walking into city hall.  Jill comes up to him and asks him to reconsider closing the school.  He says it is too late for that.  She follows after him as he walks into the office.  They see Skeeter sitting talking to Donna Hynde from the bar.  Skeeter has convinced her to deny the sale of the school.  Skeeter found a new beachfront spot for the hotel.  Nottingham says that is what he wanted but couldn't get before, so he is fine with the school staying.  He tries to call Kendall but can't get a hold of him.  Demolition is scheduled for 20 minutes.

Jill and Skeeter run outside.  Neither one of them has a car there, so they jump on a motorcycle.  Skeeter tell Jill he has never driven one before.  As they are racing to the school, footage of the bedtime stories is shown (Skeeter riding the horse, Skeeterkus jumping the elephants).  At the school Patrick and Bobbi have gone inside to display their sign out a window, so they won't tear the school down.  Wendy can't find the kids and tries to get in the school.  Kendall pushes her away and grabs the detonator.  Skeeter shows up and knocks Kendall who is holding the ignition switch down.  He goes in and gets the kids out.  He tells the crowd the school is saved.  Jill and he kiss.  A girl Patrick has a crush on comes and gives him a kiss.

We see Skeeter, Jill, and the kids on the roof eating smores.  Kendall and Aspen come up to the roof, they are now working for Skeeter, who has opened his own, smaller hotel like his dad original did.

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