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Quentin Tarantino's

NOTE: This spoiler sent in by L.

Chapter One: Once Upon A Time In Nazi Occupied France

The film opens up on a Farm in France one year into the German occupation. A Farmer is cutting wood for his family when a group of Nazis under the command of Colonel Hans “The Jew Hunter” Landa (Christoph Waltz) arrive on the premises. The Farmer invites Landa in and gives him milk to drink and the two get down to business. Landa is there to cut a deal with the Farmer in order to uncover the whereabouts of a missing Jewish Family that escaped Landa’s initial purge. After promising the Farmer that he and his family will not be harmed, Landa speaks to the Farmer in English in order to throw off anyone listening. Landa confirms his suspicions that the missing Jewish family are lying down under the floorboards. He announces in French that he is leaving the room, only to herald in his troops and fire into the floorboards, killing most of the Jewish family instantly. One girl survives and makes a desperate escape to the woods outside the farmhouse. This girl – Shosanna Dreyfus – escapes and Landa says “Until We Meet Again.” Shosanna runs away as fast as she can.

Chapter Two: Inglourious Basterds

Lt. Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt) is addressing a group of soldiers standing in a line. He is recruiting guerillas to infiltrate France to accomplish one goal – kill Nazis. He is looking for 8 Jewish American men to bring with him under his command in order to make the Nazis suffer. He makes it clear that he has no intention of teaching the Nazis humanity. He tells the men that each person chosen to join the Basterds personally owes him 100 Nazi scalps, which they will deliver or die trying. 

A few weeks later, Hitler is in his private residence in Barvia, the Burstich Garden, talking to two generals about the Basterds. They have been hard at work killing Nazis and instilling fear into the heart of the Third Reich. One member of the Basterds has already attained renown among the Nazis through his nickname – The Bear Jew. Hitler yells at his generals for allowing his men to be reduced to a bunch of wimps. One of his generals tells him that his men are spreading the rumor that the Bear Jew is a golem, made by a rabbi sent to beat Nazis to death with a baseball bat. Hitler is outraged and bans the term “Bear Jew” and gives his generals the order to hunt down and exterminate the Basterds. The generals send in Private Butz, the only survivor of the Basterds’ latest massacre.

As Butz tells his story, we are shown the encounter via a flashback. Dead Nazis are slowly and graphically being scalped at the hands of the Basterds. Private Butz and another survivor, Sgt. Rachtman, are on their knees with their hands on their heads as they watch the Basterds go through the bodies of the dead for valuables, and their identification papers. They are horrified when the Basterds take off the boots of the dead soldiers and throw them away since they see this as a loss of dignity. PFC Hirschberg (Samm Levine), a Basterd, forces Sgt. Rachtman to talk to Aldo and the other Basterds, who are sitting Indian style in a circle. A Narrator (Samuel L. Jackson) explains that Rachtman thought that only a weakling would surrender information in an interrogation and that he made a vow that should he be tested he would die for his country. This is his test. Aldo and Rachtman salute each other during their introduction. Rachtman sits down and Aldo asks him how his English is. He introduces Rachtman to several of the Basterds:

  • Cpl. Wilhelm Wicki (Gedeon Burkhard) -An Austrian Jew who escaped the Nazis in Salzburg and returned as an American soldier to give the Nazis hell.
  • Sgt. Hugo Stiglitz (Til Schweiger) - A Rogue Nazi who killed 13 members of the Gestapo and earned the Basterds’ respect. The Nazis sent him to Berlin for execution and the Basterds attacked his convoy for a jailbreak. Aldo asked Stiglitz “wanted to go pro” with his Nazi killing technique.
  • Sgt. Donny Donowitz (Eli Roth) – A Jew from Boston who beats Nazis heads in with his baseball bat.

Aldo gives Rachtman a deal: If Rachtman gives Aldo and the Basterds the location of a hidden German convoy they’ll spare his life. If he doesn’t tell them, Donny will beat Rachtman to death with his baseball bat. Rachtman refuses to cooperate, so Donny beats him to death with his bat. Butz is called over by Aldo and immediately rats out the Germans hidden in the woods. We cut to Hitler asking how Butz escaped the ordeal, to which Butz replies that the Basterds let him go. Hitler then asks if he was “marked like the others.” Aldo asks what Butz will do once he leaves. Butz says he will hug his mother like never before and burn his Nazi uniform. Aldo doesn’t like the fact that he wants to hide that he was a Nazi and grabs a Bowie knife. Aldo carves a Swastika into Private Butz forehead. Donny comments on how good Aldo is getting at that. Aldo replies “You know how you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice.”

Chapter Three: German Night in Paris

Shosanna is manning the projector. She is showing a German film to the audience and changes the film reel. After the movie finishes, she leaves the theater to change the marquee on the outside. The Narrator states that to run a theater in German occupied France; you could either show Nazi propaganda or old German films. As Shosanna changes the marquee, a young Nazi soldier approaches her. He introduces himself as Frederich Zoller. He expresses his interest in her by talking about their mutual love of music. Zoller asks how Shosanna she came to own the theater, and Shosanna tells him that her aunt left it to her when she died. When he persists with their discussion, she bids him adieu. She shows him her identification papers with the alias Emmanuelle Mimieux and the two part ways.

The next afternoon, Shosanna is eating at a Bistro. Zoller arrives and asks to join her. She tells him that she doesn’t want to associate with a Nazi. Random Germans keep approaching Zoller and asking for autographs, which makes Shosanna curious. Zoller tells her that he is famous for having killed over 300 Russians in battle in a two day period and was asked to star in a Nazi movie about his life. Zoller tells her that he is good friends with Joseph Goebbels, the head of Nazi propaganda, and that he is in France for publicity for the movie they made called “Nation’s Pride”. Shosanna wishes him luck and leaves.

The next day, as Marcel and Shosanna are fixing the marquee, a black Nazi van pulls up and the Nazis ask Shosanna to come with them. She worries as to whether or not she has been found out. The Nazis take her to an upscale Paris café. She is greeted by Joseph Goebbels, his mistress Francesca Mondino, and Private Zoller. Zoller attempts to convince Goebbels that they should host the premiere of “Nation’s Pride” by making it a more exclusive event tailored solely for high class Nazi officers and the German aristocracy. Goebbels agrees to consider it, provided that a test screening of “Lucky Kids” goes well at the theater. Immediately after this, Colonel Hans Landa joins the group at their table. As Goebbels and Francesca depart, Landa sends Zoller away so that he can chat with Shosanna. He orders her milk and a strudel and questions her about her theater. After questioning her family history, he confesses that he forgot the main reason he kept her behind and bids her farewell.

That night, the Germans are watching “Lucky Kids” and enjoying themselves.. At the end of the film, Goebbels agrees to have the premiere of “Nation’s Pride” but makes changes to the theater including adding a chandelier from Versailles and Greek statues from the museum in order to make the theater classier. Shosanna tells Marcel her idea to burn down the cinema with the Nazis inside of it. The two fool around a little as they kiss and flesh out the plan. Shosanna wants to use Mimieux’s nitrate print film collection to burn down the theater. Shosanna asks Marcel to get his film equipment to make a special film for the Nazis.

Chapter Four: Operation Kino

In an English country estate, Lt. Archie Hicox meets with General Ed Fenech (Mike Myers) and Winston Churchill. Fenech and Hicox discuss Hicox’s undercover operations in Germany and Hicox’s fluent German and how it makes him a prime candidate for “Operation Kino.” Churchill asks Hicox about his life prior to the war and quizzes him about film when he learns that Hicox was a film critic. Afterwards, Fenech briefs Hicox on his mission: In Three Days, the premiere of “Nation’s Pride” will be held in a theater. All of the Nazi High Command will be present and the goal of the operation is to blow up the theater with the Nazis in it. Hicox will rendezvous with the Basterds, go to a village called “Nadine” and meet a German double agent who will get Hicox into the premiere along with the two German speaking members of the Basterds. The double agent is famous German movie star Bridget Von Hammersmark.

Later, in the village of Nadine, Hicox and Aldo are scouting out the rendezvous point: the basement of a local tavern. Aldo is pissed that they are at a disadvantage since they don’t want to fight their way out of a basement. Wicki, Hirschberg, Stiglitz, Donowitz and Utivich (BJ Novak) are the only remaining Basterds. Stiglitz is sharpening his knife which makes Hicox a little uneasy but they get through it. The group share their mistrust of the rendezvous point and wonder why Bridget chose to meet here. As Hicox suggests that it’s a place without Nazis and isolated, a Nazi comes out of the tavern to piss.

Inside the tavern, five Nazis are playing a guessing game with Bridget Von Hammersmark. Hicox, Wicki and Stiglitz enter and sit off to the side. Hammersmark says she’ll join them in a minute and then the four begin to talk about Operation Kino. As they’re sorting out the details, a drunk German officer celebrating the birth of his son comes to ask Hammersmark for her autograph. He begins to wear out his welcome when he asks about the unusual German accent Hicox uses. Hicox tries to pull rank on the soldier, but a Gestapo Major arrives and questions Hicox about his accent. Hicox plays it off but the Major sits down and insists on having a drink with Ms. Hammersmark.  The five are soon playing the same guessing game as the soldiers across the bar. After the Major wins the first round, he has Hicox order 3 drinks. This unintentionally blows the Basterds’ cover. The Major points a gun at Hicox’s balls under the table. Hicox reveals that all three Basterds have had their guns pointed at the Major since he sat down.  Hicox drains his glass and Basterds start firing. The Major kills Hicox as Stiglitz jumps the table to stab him. Hammersmark is shot in the leg. A shootout occurs and the only people left alive are the drunken Nazi father and Bridget Van Hammersmark.

Aldo arrives and calls down to see who is still alive. He’s pissed his men are dead, but wants to make a deal to get Hammersmark. He comes down unarmed with Hirschberg and the two promise that they will let the man walk away to go back to his son. They come to get Hammersmark but as they are about to carry her out, Hammersmark grabs a pistol and shoots the Sgt. Several times in the chest. Aldo gets pissed at her for making him a liar, but recognizes that if he lived Operation Kino would fail. Hirschberg carries Hammersmark to her sedan and the Basterds drive to find a doctor. They find a vet.

Back at the Tavern, Colonel Landa is looking over the corpses. He identifies Stiglitz and Wicki. He notices a pair of high heeled shoes lying on the ground: one soaked in blood, one clean. This perplexes him. A soldier calls out to Landa showing him the autographed napkin with Bridget’s name on it.

Aldo asks Bridget why his men are dead. Bridget responds that it was just unfortunate circumstance. Aldo accepts this and Bridget explains how when Hicox order glasses the fingers he used to indicate the number was not the way Germans indicate the number on their hands. She tells them that she can still get them into the premiere, showing Aldo three tickets. Aldo is then informed that the theater venue was changed and that Hitler would be in attendance that night. Aldo and Donny realize that Hitler’s presence is a game changer. They now have the opportunity to end World War II by blowing up the theater. Aldo tells Bridget that she will get Hirschberg, himself and Donny into the premiere by pretending that they are part of an Italian film crew. Aldo speaks the most Italian, Donny the second most, and Hirschberg none at all. Utivich, who can’t drive, will be the limo driver. Donny agrees to style Hammersmark’s hair, while Aldo and Hirschberg teach Utivich to drive.

Chapter Five: Revenge of the Giant Face

Shosanna is dressed for the night in a beautiful dress. She looks down at the spectators outside of the theater. She spits down at them and it hits an SS General. Marcel is prepping the reels for the premiere. Shosanna enters and Marcel takes in her beauty before kissing her. They go over the plan one more time. Shosanna enters the lobby and sees Colonel Landa smoking his pipe. A cut scene shows Landa talking to the Sgt. from the Tavern Massacre. Colonel Landa greets Bridget Von Hammersmark as she walks in with the three Basterds. He asks about her cast, to which she tells him she hurt her leg mountain climbing. Landa asks where there are mountains to climb in France, then laughs off the hole in the story in order to question the Basterds. They exhibit their Italian to comedic effect before Bridget sends Hirschberg and Donny into the auditorium to get seats. The Basterds are introduced to Shosanna as the group share a toast. Shosanna shows Donny and Hirschberg to their seats while Landa pulls Bridget into Shosanna’s office. Aldo is left standing in the lobby with a bunch of Nazi soldiers.

(Flashback) On top of Shosanna’s movie theater, Marcel is recording Shosanna standing on boxes and talking into a microphone. Before we can hear her message, the scene cuts to Marcel and Shosanna talking about how to develop the film. They realize that no one would be willing to develop the film because of the subject matter. They decide to threaten an old developer named Gasper. They go to his development lab and threaten to bury a hatchet in his head and kill his family if Gasper does not develop the film. The scene changes to Marcel and Shosanna editing the 4th reel of “Nation’s Pride” and splicing their footage into it.

Landa makes Bridget sit in Shosanna’s chair and asks to see her foot. She does so and he removes her shoe in order to place the one from the tavern on her foot. It’s a perfect match. He asks if she admits to treason, but she says she admits only to resisting the Nazi “sons-a-bitches” til her last breath. Landa grabs Bridget’s throat and crushes it as he chokes her. He bangs her head against the floor for good measure and then takes a drink from his flask. The Nazi soldiers in the lobby capture Aldo and force a black bag over his head. They put him up against the wall and Landa asks his name. They put Also in the back of a truck with an also captured Utivich and drive out of Paris. Utivich and Aldo use each other for emotional support until they arrive at a country tavern. Their hoods are yanked off and Colonel Landa asks them what they were thinking pretending to be Italian. In private, he tells them that Bridget is dead and that one phone call will end Operation Kino. However, if they are willing to get him in touch with Allied Brass that can cut a deal, he will help them end the war tonight. They radio Allied command and cut a deal for Landa and the German radio operator which includes a pension, US Citizenship, commendations, a house in Nantucket and immunity for all war crimes committed against the Jews. The Allied leaders approved. Operation Kino is still a go.

As the movie is showing, Hirschberg and Donny try to communicate in faux-Italian to hilarious effect. Hirschberg will detonate his ankle bomb in the auditorium while Donny sets one off in the bathroom beneath the auditorium. Donny leaves the auditorium but notices that Hitler’s booth only has two guards. He goes back to Hirschberg and tells him that they will need to be quick. They pretend to be waiters and load a gun glove with a bullet. Donny kills the first guard and Hirschberg races to and successfully kills the second. Muffled by the movie playing, Hitler doesn’t hear them coming.

Upstairs, Zoller pays Shosanna a visit in the projection booth. He playfully hits on her but Shosanna won’t have any of it.  She yells at him to leave, but Zoller pushes himself into the booth and locks the door. He makes it clear that he will not take her shit any longer. They hear the gunshots from Donny’s shoot out below. Shosanna shoots Zoller in the back three times. She turns him over, only for him to shoot her several times before he dies. The bell rings for her to change the reel. She does so before she collapses.

Suddenly, the real changes from Zoller’s performance to a blown up Shosanna on the screen. She tells them that they are all going to die and that she wants them to know the Jew who will do it. A bomb Landa placed underneath Hitler’s opera box explodes. Marcel ignites the nitrate film behind the projector and Donny and Hirschberg start shooting Goebbels, Hitler and all the Nazis in the room before their bombs go off, killing all the Nazis. Everyone in the theater dies.

Landa, the German operator, Aldo and Utivich arrive at the American lines in order to make the trade off and fulfill the agreement Landa made with the Allies. They uncuff Aldo and Utivich and surrender to them. Aldo shoots the operator and Landa freaks out. Aldo and Utivich are able to accept that Landa will be pardoned and commended and receive many perks for helping end the war. However, they cannot allow a Nazi to hide his true colors. Aldo takes Landa’s SS knife and carves a Swastika into Landa’s forehead. Aldo looks over to Utivich and says “this might just be my masterpiece.”

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