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Suzette (Goldie Hawn) gets fired from her job tending bar in LA.

She drives out to Phoenix to visit her friend, Lavinia (Susan Sarandon).

On the way, Suzette runs out of gas and money. She offers a ride to the anal retentive Paul (Geoffrey Rush). Paul confesses that he is heading to Phoenix with a gun and a single bullet. He's a failed writer and as a 50th birthday present to himself, he plans to use the bullet to shoot his father.

Suzette drops Paul at his hotel and goes to Lavinia's big, beautiful house. Lavinia is getting her daughter, Hannah (Erika Christensen) ready for the Prom. Suzette feels out of place and leaves, returning to Paul where she announces that she's staying with him in his room.

Later that night, the Prom kids are making a ton of noise at Paul's hotel. Paul and Suzette open the door to yell at the kids, but they see Hannah tripping on acid. Suzette recognizes her and brings her into the hotel room where she pukes all over the place.

Suzette brings Hannah home the next morning, promising not to tell her mother about Hannah's drug use. Suzette runs into Lavinia, who is not happy to see her and offers Suzette $5000 to get out of her life. Suzette and Lavinia had been best friends and Rock Groupies 30 years ago and now that Lavinia is living a straight and narrow life as wife and mother, she doesn't want anyone knowing about her past exploits.

Suzette is offended and, even though her main intention was to ask Lavinia for money, she's leaves empty-handed and returns to Paul's hotel room.

Suzette and Paul have sex. Not a pretty sight, but they seem to enjoy it.

Lavinia realizes that she was mean to her old friend. She finds Suzette at Paul's hotel room and asks for her forgiveness.

The women end up spending the day together, taking Lavinia's younger daughter, Ginger (played by Susan Sarandon's actual daughter, Eva Something-or-other) to take her driver's test. Ginger makes strange snorting noises when she's nervous and is a bit scatter-brained. She fails her test.

When the three of them get back to Lavinia's house, they find Hannah having sex with her boyfriend in the family pool. Lavinia scares the boyfriend away.

Lavinia's husband comes home just as the boyfriend runs off and invites Suzette to stay for dinner.

At dinner, Suzette and Lavinia reveal that they have a sordid past together and Lavinia grabs a bottle of wine, starts drinking straight from it and wanders off to her bedroom closet to get drunk.

Lavinia and Suzette get all skanked up and go out for a night on the town. They dance and check out guys and Lavinia starts to loosen up.

Later, Lavinia and Suzette go into Lavinia's basement and look through old Polaroid™ pictures of Rock Star's penises. They smoke an old joint and nearly set the basement on fire while lighting a candle.

Lavinia's husband comes downstairs and sees the pictures and his stoned wife and can't believe that his wife could be so wild.

Hannah bursts into the basement and tells everyone that Ginger borrowed her car, got into an accident and is now at the emergency room.

Everyone goes to the emergency room and yells at each other. When Suzette tries to mediate, Ginger asks what business she has being there and tells her that everything was fine until she showed up.

Suzette is hurt by Ginger's outburst and goes out to a phone to call Paul. Paul tells her that he's been writing all day and that she is his muse. He gets a little lovey-dovey, freaking Suzette out, and she yells at him.

Lavinia apologizes to Suzette for Ginger's outburst and Suzette goes back to Paul's hotel room. Paul's not there, his typewriter has been tossed into the hotel pool and his gun is missing. Suzette realizes that Paul must have decided to go ahead with his plan to shoot his father. Suzette tells Lavinia that Paul's father is at a place called "Horizon 'something'." Lavinia knows Suzette means "Horizon Hills", but "Horizon Hills" is a cemetery.

Suzette and Lavinia find Paul at the cemetery. He tells them that his father is in his head and the women realize that Paul is going to shoot himself. Suzette gets Paul's gun from him and fires the one bullet into the air, thus saving Paul from suicide.

Suzette, Lavinia, and Paul leave the cemetery and arrive a little late at Hannah's graduation. Hannah is the Valedictorian and delivers a heartwarming speech about the importance of being yourself.

Lavinia goes home with her family; Suzette and Paul drive back to Los Angeles together.


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