The film opens on a cold winter's night in Manhattan. Two men are breaking into the NY Gold Depository at the same time as Jamie Foxx and his brother are breaking into a warehouse to steal prawns. The men breaking into the Depository have succeeded and are loading Gold and have bypassed all the electronic protective devices. One of the men, Robert Pastorelli, has a heart attack. As he tries to get his medicine, he drops his pills and in picking them up, leaves a fingerprint. The Mastermind of the robbery sends the other man back up to the truck and then kills two of the guards they had been holding captive.

Pastorelli decides that the mastermind of the robbery is too dangerous and drives off, leaving the mastermind behind. During the escape, there is a near accident with a tanker truck on the icy streets. The Mastermind of the Robbery has gotten back to the surface streets and is shooting at his partner in the getaway truck. The tanker truck stops within inches of hitting the mastermind and when the driver shouts at him, he is shot and killed.

Jamie Foxx has been caught by the police and even has some of the prawns in his clothes. He ends up sharing a prison cell with Pasterelli who had been picked up as a drunken driver. Pastorelli is in poor health and tells Foxx that if he doesn't make it, to find his wife, and tell her to go to the Bronx Zoo and that "there is no place like home."

The treasury people have figured out that Pastorellii was in on it thanks to the fingerprint left behind. When they question him, he has another heart attack and dies. Foxx tells them of the conversation he and Pastorelli had but a search of the zoo turns up nothing. They decide to implant a tracking device into Jamie Foxx's jaw so they can track and listen to everything he does.

Foxx goes back to visit his brother and girlfriend and discovers that in the time he's been in prison, he became a father. This makes him think more seriously about his life and what is to become of him.

The Treasury people are tracking him everywhere and following his every move. The Mastermind also knows about Foxx and is also following him. He is desperate to get the gold and threatens to harm Foxx's girlfriend and baby. It appears as if the criminal mastermind has sent Foxx an e-mail, giving Foxx instructions on how to meet him. This turns out to be a fake and Foxx uses it as a method to give the slip to the treasury people. The Mastermind is observing all this and captures one of the treasury people (David Paymer).

The Mastermind calls the treasury people and tells him he will trade Paymer for 42 million in gold. They track the call and when they get there they break the door open but it's wired to a bomb and Paymer is killed.

The head of the treasury realizes that this was just to distract them from Foxx allowing the Mastermind to get to Foxx. He kidnaps Foxx's girlfriend and baby and demands Foxx bring him to the gold. Of course Foxx agrees and takes him, his girlfriend and baby to the horse races.

At this point, there has been some damage with the transmitter and they have lost contact with Foxx. The mastermind and Foxx go to find the gold leaving the girlfriend and baby in the car with a time bomb set to go off in ten minutes.

Eventually, Foxx fights with the mastermind, gets away and tries to get back in the car, trying to save his girlfriend and baby. In the fight, his transmitter got knocked around and starts working again.

Foxx gets on a horse and tries to ride back to the van going the opposite way of the horses running the race. Eventually he gets back with two minutes to spare and gets his girlfriend and baby out. He drives the van to the middle of the horsetrack's infield and into the lake. He gets out with seconds to spare and the bomb goes off in front of the spectators in spectacular fashion.

He starts to walk back towards the stands and the Mastermind appears behind him with a gun. Just as the man is about to shoot, the head of the Treasury shows up and shoots the Mastermind.

Weeks later we see Foxx bringing his baby to the bookstore where his girlfriend works. While he's in the bookstore, a man asks his girlfriend for a book called "The Bronx Zoo." The girlfriend tells him where the zoo books are but the man says no, the "Bronx Zoo" refers to Yankee Stadium. Foxx suddenly understands what "There's no place like home," is.

He calls the Treasury people and they offer him 5% ($2million) if he tells them where the gold is at.

In the final scene we see stacks of gold and heavy equipment digging up the grounds around home plate at Yankee Stadium.

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Jamie Foxx as Alvin Sanders:
He is used as "BAIT" to find the Mastermind and the stolen gold.