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NOTE: This spoiler was written by Sandee.

Zoë (Jennifer Lopez) is in her doctor’s office (Robert Klein), being artificially inseminated by a sperm donor for the first time. She reflects on how she got to this decision:  She’s dated men, but never met one she thought would be a husband/father.  She asked her employee, Clive, to be her “baby daddy” but he refused.  She leaves the doctor’s office, happy and elated at the possibility she could have a baby.

It is raining, and as she hails a cab and gets in, a man (Alex O’Loughlin) also gets in, on the other side.  They argue over whose cab it is, and she gets out:  she says she is in a great mood and he is ruining it.  He also gets out, and they both lose the cab.  Zoë takes the subway, and he is behind her and asks how her great mood is going? When they leave the subway and walk down the sidewalk, she sees a penny, and will only pick it up if it is heads.  It is tails; she flips it to heads, and tells him that now someone else can have good luck. He looks up at her, and smiles as she walks away.

Zoë owns a pet shop, Hudson Mutts.  Her co-workers tell he she should go to the support group, “Single Mothers and Proud”.  She goes and meets the women, and explains that she might be pregnant, but is serious about wanting a baby. 

With her best friend, Mona (Michaela Watkins), Zoë goes to a farmer’s market.  While there at a muffin booth, she sees the guy from the cab:  he is selling cheese at a booth, “The Little Goat Farm”.  He introduces himself as Stan.  The girl running the muffin booth asks him if they are still on for tonight, Zoë thinks she must be his girlfriend.

Cesar Millian, The Dog Whisperer, is speaking and doing a book signing at Zoë’s store that night.  She is in the back, listening, and Stan arrives.  They go outside to talk, and get along well. They walk to get take-out together, and then he walks her home. They nearly kiss, but his phone rings and he has to go. 

At the gym with Mona, Zoë recaps the evening, and says she really likes Stan, and that she’ll probably see him again.  He calls and asks her for a date. While getting ready for the date, Zoë takes a pregnancy test, but before she can read it, her dog, Nuts, takes it and won’t let it go out of his teeth. Zoë tugs at it, and it breaks, and Nuts eats it, so she can’t see the results. 

Zoë’s price tag is hanging out of her dress; Stan asks if she bought it just for their date, and she says no-he isn’t that special. He then opens the gate to a small park, and the entire place is lit up with strands of white lights, and the table is set with linens, crystal and candles.  Under the silver done, he has…pizza.  They have a wonderful dinner and when Stan leans over to kiss her, he spills red wine all over her new dress.  Then, he knocks over the candles and a fire starts. Zoë gets the hose and sprays the fire…and Stan, too.  They begin a water fight, and laugh. He walks her home, and kisses her goodnight. Once inside, Nuts vomits and the pregnancy result stick says pregnant.

Zoë goes to a Senior Citizen center to visit her Nana (Linda Lavin). Nana has been engaged to Arthur (Tom Bosley) for over 20 years, but won’t set a date. Zoë tells her about Stan, and that he is special and how she thinks her pregnancy may ruin any chances she has with him.  Nana says not to worry, and don’t get ahead of things.

Stan invites Zoë to spend the weekend at his farm.  She drives there and sees him driving a tractor, shirtless…and crashes her car into a tree.  Later that evening, he takes her to the cheese barn, and shows her that she was the inspiration for a new type of cheese. They kiss, and then make love in the barn.  Afterwards, he tells her he loves her, and then she tells him about her pregnancy. He is angry that she essentially lied by not telling him, and they argue, and he leaves.  She sleeps alone in the farmhouse, and tries to sneak out early in the morning. While driving her crashed car, it makes a lot of noise and wakes Stan. He comes out, and talks to her. He explains that they both hid tings:  he used to date the muffin girl, but now they are just friends and study-buddies, as he never finished college and takes night classes.  Zoë thinks they should just go their separate ways, and leaves.

Sometime later, Zoë is watching TV at home, nearly asleep, when there is a knock at the door. Stan is there; they kiss and he spends the night, sleeping beside her on her bed.

Stan accompanies Zoë to her next doctor’s visit.  He gets queasy when he sees a small amount of blood, and again when the doctor inserts the probe to take the intrauterine ultrasound of the baby.  They see the baby’s heartbeat, and then the doctor sees a second heart. Alarmed, Zoë asks, “it has 2 hearts?” but the doctor explains that she is having twins. He removes the probe, Stan sees blood, and faints. 

Stan is freaked out. He takes a walk and ends up at the park, where children are playing. He sits and talks to another dad (Anthony Anderson) about kids, and tries to grasp having more than one baby.  They share juice boxes, and the dad tells him that having kids is awful, awful, awful, awful…and then something happens that is amazing and you’d do it all over again. Then his young son brings him a handful of poop.

At Zoë’s single mom support group, the other moms are uncomfortable having her there as she is no longer “single”.  She leaves so they can take a vote and decide if she can stay or not.  Zoë never hears anything, so she assumes they voted her out. 

She gets in a cab, and Stan gets in the other side, with her favorite take-out food. He explains he panicked, but is all in, and ok with having twins. They make out in the cab.

While shopping for baby gear with Nana and Arthur, Zoë bumps into 2 moms, Carol and Lori, from the support group; they say she wasn’t voted out, and they miss her.  They also invite her to come to the home-birth they will have, when she goes into labor. 

Zoe buys a bunch of baby gear, and a double-wide stroller that is so big, it won’t even fit in the apartment.  Stan starts to think about all the costs and responsibilities of twins.  They argue about it, and she tells him he can leave—he tells her once again that he is all in, and he isn’t leaving.  She apologizes. In the middle of the night, the phone rings-it’s time to go to the birth of Carol and Lori’s baby.

They go, and are really grossed out by it all. Before they can sneak out, Lori goes into deep labor, and uses Zoë as her “focal point” during contractions, and now Zoë can’t leave. Lori wants a mirror to watch her own birth, and Stan brings it, and both he and Zoë scream in shocked astonishment of the birth. Zoë faints, and falls in the birthing pool.  As they walk home, they both are dazed and traumatized.  They muse that how can something that is supposed to be beautiful be so horrifying.

They bump into “muffin girl” and she didn’t know that Zoë was pregnant. Without thinking, Stan stays that they aren’t his babies. Zoë is appalled, and they argue.  Stan tells her that he has dropped out of night school because he can’t do it and needs to focus on his job and earning $ for the babies.  Zoë tells him he isn’t ready for her or the babies, and to leave her.  He argues to stay, but she refuses to listen.   Later, Nana tells Zoë that she pushes people away, to protect herself from the hurt she experienced as a child when her mother died and her father walked out. She admonishes her to open up. 

Nan stops by and tells Mona and Zoë that she and Arthur set a date to be married-in one week.  On the day of the wedding, the custom double-stroller that Stan ordered arrives. She realizes that he was planning ahead, and never was going to leave.  Nana tells Zoë that she needs to learn to trust people.  Zoë tries frantically to reach Stan by phone; she wants him at the wedding.

Walking down the aisle with Nana, Zoë is still calling on her cell phone, until Nana finally tells her to “put the fucking phone away”.  Zoë complies.  At the reception, she tries again and again, and we see Stan’s phone in his gear, at the cheese booth.  He doesn’t hear it.  While doing the conga, Zoë’s water breaks. They take the wedding limo to the hospital, and stop on the say at the farmer’s market—Zoë wants to see Stan.  She pours her heart out, and tells him that she is deeply, madly in love with him.  He doesn’t answer---and a powerful contraction begins.  On the gurney, Stan and Zoë are still talking and apologizing to each other.  He pulls out a penny; it is the penny from the first day they met. He saved it, and now gives it to her for good luck.  They both promise to stay with each other, and Stan says, “I’m not going anywhere”.  She starts pushing…

…and Stan is at home, with 2 baby girls in his arms. He is reading a story and putting them to bed.  Zoë and Stan kiss.

Stan is having a grand opening at his new store:  Closer To Home.  He always dreamed of having a gourmet store with local, organic foods, and has now made it happen.  Inside, friends and patrons toast.  He toasts Zoë, for giving him the courage to try it.  Then, he pulls out a ring and proposes. She accepts.

While walking home, she marvels that she can have twins and now be engaged.  She then runs to a trashcan and vomits.  She panics, and yells, “Stan!” 

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