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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by THE MATROX.

The movie starts out with a space view of the earth with Toorop (Vin Diesel) doing a voice over about how he laughs when he sees a bumper sticker that reads "save the earth" and as the monologue progresses the camera zooms into the eastern seaboard and then on to the city street of New York where Toorop is kneeled on the street and his voice speaks of dying that night to save a life... the camera zooms into his left eye as an explosion engulfs the girl he was looking at. Fade to black.

**FYI, this movie takes place in the distant future**

As the credits start, we see Toorop in what is best described as an Eastern European refugee village (probably Russia) walking through the rain and mud while people approach him showing him guns and rifles...etc. He finally comes to a little tent and grabs an Asian male and demands a refund for a gun he sold him that didn't work... after taking the money, he then proceeds to a meat vendor who sells him a carcass and asks the vendor throw in an onion as part of the deal... as he walks up the steps to his place, he bums some smokes off a kid on the steps and tells him he'll pay him back later and before entering his apartment, a girl tells him someone was looking for him. As he enters his apartment, there's not much (refugee camp and all). He cuts up the meat and onion and just as he sits down and takes a bite, he hears a rattle... BOOM! He covers his food just as the door behind him explodes and a group of men dressed in army garb burst in and demand he come with them. Without looking Toorop knows that it's "Carl" a mercenary like himself and reminds him of the warning that next time he pointed a gun at him, he'll kill him... he turns around and tells Carl that there are two things that make a mercenary good... balls and credibility... he goes on to tell him he has neither and before killing him, finds out that a man named Gorsky wants to see him.

The armed escort takes him to a back of a tank where we meet Gorsky (Gerard Depardieu), who Toorop worked for 10yrs earlier. They don't trust each other from the past but each knows the other well enough to do business together and Gorsky tells Toorop that this is the job that will earn him freedom from a life of survival and hiding and tells him that he needs Toorop to deliver/escort a girl to New York in 6 days. He gives him a little device telling him that it's his passport for freedom (it's actually a passport because he's a known terrorist in the US and can't get in via his own identity). Gorsky tells him to wait for a car and that everything he needs for this assignment is in the trunk. Toorop is dropped off and waits for a car to come.

An "Air Wolf" type helicopter lowers a beat up P.O.S. car in front of Toorop... he steps in and the helicopter lifts him away from this refugee area to a monastery in Mongolia. It is here we meet Sister Rebecca (Michelle Yeoh) who introduces herself and tells Toorop her 3 rules... 1) Wherever the girl goes, she goes... 2) He's to help Sister Rebecca keep the girl pure not allowing her to experience any of the real world... and as Toorop swears about how REAL the real world is Sister Rebecca says the 3rd rule is no foul language... Toorop responds with 1 rule, which is to stay the F*ck out of his way... While Sister Rebecca goes to get the girl, Toorop opens the trunk and sees guns, rifles and a briefcase... he opens the briefcase and finds maps and stuff so he opens a map and it's an electronic map with TouchFLO technology (uses his finger to click and drag the map images and he knows he needs to cross the Bering Strait). Aurora (Melanie Thierry) is introduced as the girl that needs to be escorted to New York. Aurora seems like a very curious girl not having been outside the monastery grounds and Toorop seems irate about this. They get in the car and drive to Kazakhstan, where they go through a market type area to catch a train... they buy new clothes for Aurora so she can blend in and as they near the train station, Aurora gets distracted by a cage and walks over to see two surly Siberian Tigers who scowl at her and as they near the station, the crowd gets bigger and bigger and overwhelms Aurora to the point that she runs away from the station screaming and so Sister Rebecca and Toorop chase after her and when they reach her to question what she's doing... BOOM! An explosion goes off and most of the crowd is dead... Toorop begins to think something is up with her but says they still need to catch this train... they do and it's a bullet train.

Inside the train, Aurora asks about the Tigers and how even though the species went extinct in 2017, they're God's creation to which Toorop responds that they are 2nd generations clones (clones of clones) and that they're man made... Aurora responds that man was made by God and so man's creation is an extension of his... After this conversation, there is still more mystery in regards to Aurora... They reach another Refugee camp in Russia where Toorop takes the ladies into a Club/Entertainment place where there is music and a sideshow where people try and survive in a glass cage wrestling a muscleman... Toorop is looking for a guy he deals with in his smuggling and the ladies sit and wait for Toorop... All the while, the muscleman keeps looking at Aurora (innocently) and she notices... Toorop has his contact arrange passports for the ladies, a means to cross the Bering Strait into Canada and snowmobiles to take them into the US. As they are leaving a team of men come in an offer Toorop $1 Million dollars to just walk away... he doesn't take their offer and a fight ensues with one of the men taking Aurora and as the fight progresses, Aurora is taken by the muscleman into the cage and he beats off one of the men and basically is interested in who she is... he tries to protect her but Toorop comes in and against Aurora's wishes, kills him even though it seemed he was trying to protect her... Aurora is devastated by the muscleman's death and then the group of men confess that they were sent by Aurora's Father... Aurora curious about this voluntarily goes with them and Toorop chases them down and threatens them to return her... they do and they leave.

As they meet with the contact in the morning, we see the four of them walking on the snow with a group of people and they all stop at a certain location. While they are walking, Sister Rebecca turns and asks Toorop if he trusts the contact, and Toorop simply replies, he trusts no one... it turns out that they're all trying to board passage on a Russian Submarine and the Sub rises out of the ice and declares there is only 2 minutes before they go down... All the people scramble to climb the nets and get into the Sub... some people fall and drop into the Icy waters and Aurora is devastated by the people who can't get on board (the four do get on) and so she goes under into the main bridge of the Sub and basically disarms a soldier, takes his hand gun and begins to raise the Sub, all the while kicking and screaming... she is subdued and the four go down to the cargo hold where Toorop learns that Sister Rebecca was originally from San Francisco and escaped an abusive marriage to the monastery that is run by a religious group known as the Noelites .

While she was healing with the other women at the monastery, Aurora was brought in as a baby and Sister Rebecca cared for her as her own... sometime in the last 3 months, a doctor from the Noelites visited Aurora and that's when she became emotionally unstable... we also learn that Aurora is mentally gifted as she was able to speak 19 languages at the age of 2yrs. The contact guy then whispers at Toorop that she might be carrying a doomsday virus and if that happens, Toorop tells the contact he will personally kill her and burn her body... Aurora was listening to that part of the conversation...

The next morning, the four of them take off on the snowmobiles and zooming across the arctic when they come across three polar bears that were shot dead... They realize that drone fighters scan the area and kill anything that moves... they're only 10 miles from the border city and so they make a run for it... during this intense chase, Aurora hops to the contacts snowmobile and Toorop tries to lure the drone fighters away... he is successful in destroying both drones but was hit in the process... the other snowmobile goes back to check on Toorop at Aurora's request and while she saves him (through her advanced brain, takes out the metal stuck in Toorop and bandages him) the contact begins to monologue how Toorop knows the rules and so he's ready to take Aurora for himself and collect the money and points the gun at Sister Rebecca saying she's no longer needed and BANG! The contact is dead as Toorop raised his gun and killed him... he reiterates how he doesn't trust anyone... and thanks Aurora for saving his life.

At night, the three are huddled in a tent brought by Toorop (he's quite the mountaineer and is conveniently supplied by Oakley) and the three have a little family bonding moment (although Aurora lets it slip that they'll all die in New York)... later on, Toorop is outside throwing away bullets when Aurora comes out to talk with him... she is named after the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)... Toorop explains that his family has land and a cottage in upstate New York and that he hopes to go there and live out his days back "home" (important later) and then Aurora wonders aloud if Toorop really will kill her and burn her body... (cute)

They enter KITIMAT Canada where they shower and get ready to enter into the US and at this point, Toorop finishes showering/shaving and then injects himself with the device for his passport identity... Aurora sees him in just his towel and is curious... just before they kiss, Sister Rebecca walks in and has a look of disapproval...

They enter into the US fine and take a plane into New York City where they take a cab into a nicely furnished condo. It is here that the TV shows that the monastery was burned to a crisp and Aurora is devastated... she goes into the other room where Toorop gets a call from Gorsky explaining that once Toorop makes the delivery, he'll be paid and is no longer needed... as he finishes his call, he sees a limo pull up across the street from the condo and on the left side a group from the Noelites comes out of a line of SUV's and on the right side, a group of Bikers from Gorsky show up. Toorop calls Sister Rebecca over to the window and she recognizes the man coming out of the limo as the doctor who visited them at the monastery... Toorop knows something is up and they let the doctor see Aurora and afterwards they try and question him about it but lets him leave. Toorop knows that once she is delivered, he and Sister Rebecca will be killed... the truth about Aurora is revealed... she is PREGNANT with twins and because she's a virgin, it's considered a miracle and we learn that she is being transported to the Noelites headquarters under the High Priestess (Charlotte Rampling) who will be using the virgin birth to usher in a new era for the Noelites... turns out that they are a cult looking for validation in the world...

Toorop knows that they'll al be dead and so as they escort Aurora to the limo, at the last moment, Toorop pulls her away and grabs the guards gun and begins a wild gun fight with all parties shooting away... while this happens, the three of them are fighting their way out when Sister Rebecca is shot and killed and as Toorop sees her, he is shot in the leg and hand... the Gorsky guys fire a seeker missile that hones in on the passport device implanted in Toorop and the first one is blasted when Toorop hides behind a car but the second is headed straight for him when Aurora looks at him and tells him she needs him alive... she shoots Toorop so the missile won't go for him and instead we're brought back to the start of the movie where we see Aurora engulfed in the explosion through Toorop's left eye... black screen.

Toorop wakes up in a lab with a new metal leg and a prosthetic device on his hand. He is then introduced to Darquandier (Lambert Wilson... the Merovingian from the Matrix Reloaded/Revolution) and he is Aurora's "father" from the beginning of the movie... turns out that Darquandier genetically developed Aurora to be who she is making her brain like a super computer and programming her since she was fetal... this was ALL for the Noelites who intend to use Aurora's virgin birth to become a legitimate religion and cash in on that theme so the High Priestess had been planning this for 20yrs...Darquandier uses his technology (he himself is rebuilt after Gorsky tried to kill him) to see what Toorop saw in the last seconds of his life to find the whereabouts of Aurora who he knows is still alive... through this procedure we see that Aurora detonated the missile through there telepathy and whispered to Toorop to "go home"... Toorop knows where she is and takes the men to find and protect her... The High Priestess kills of Gorsky for incompetence and tracks down Darquandier and kills him... she sends out her Noelite Goons in their SUV's to hunt down Toorop and Aurora and after a WILD chase through Upstate New York, the SUV's are blown up and Toorop drives away with Aurora by his side...

The movie ends in a hospital room where Aurora knows she was designed to die when she gave birth to the twins and asks Toorop to look after them as their father and he agrees... the final scene is the two kids playing (they're about 4yrs old) and Toorop getting them and telling them a storm is coming... they each grab a hand, say, "Ok Dad!" and head into the newly built cottage at his home in Upstate New York.

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Toorop is hired to take Aurora who is a genetically engineered human carrying twins to New York from Mongolia so a religious cult can use her virgin birth to gain credibility as a religion and money.

Along the way, he runs into lots of trouble and in the end, gets her to New York but protects her from the cult who was going to kill Toorop, Aurora and her guardian Sister Rebeka.

Toorop survives and looks after Aurora's twins as the father at his home in upstate New York.

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