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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by HorrorFreak889 who says... "This was an excellent version of the classic story 'Around the world in 80 days'. I think Jackie chan was perfect for this film"

The movie starts out in London. It takes place right before the turn of the century. Passepartout (Jackie Chan) is robbing the London bank. He is looking for a Jade Buddha, its important to the Chinese culture. He must get it back to China. Passepartout grabs the Buddha and gets chased by the cops. He runs along the streets of London and he comes across a big house with a bunch of fancy inventions. The person who owns this house is Phileas Fogg (Steve Coogan). He is a famous inventor/scientist. We see Fogg yelling at his valet (partner). The partner says that he doesn't want to work for Fogg anymore because Fogg is too crazy. Passepartout goes up to Fogg and says that he would like to be his new valet (he is only doing this to escape from the cops). Fogg accepts and says that he is working on breaking the sound barrier (he claims that its 50 M.P.H.). Fogg built a small round roller coaster track. Passepartout climbs in the seat and Fogg starts the coaster. After going around the track many times, Passepartout finally reaches 50 M.P.H. This makes Fogg very happy.

Fogg says that he must go tell the head of the Academy of Science. The head of the academy is Lord Kelvin. Fogg and Passepartout walk in and Fogg explains that he broke the sound barrier. Kelvin says that Fogg is a crazy fool that never stops trying. We see a fat man run into the room and he says that the Bank of London has been robbed. Fogg tells the fat man to shut up and be grateful that he is such a great inventor. This causes Kelvin to accuse Fogg of robbing the bank because Fogg changed the subject (this part of the movie didn't really make sense and it wasn't explained very good. Kelvin is just a jealous man I guess.) Fogg says "well you can just go around the world for all I care." This gives Kelvin a great idea. Kelvin says that if Fogg and Passepartout go around the world. He will forget about the robbing of the bank. Fogg says that it would take exactly 80 days and that Kelvin is out of his mind. However, Passepartout convinces Fogg to take the bet.

The next morning, at Fogg's house. We see Passepartout packing. He walks in to find Fogg sitting in one of his bathtub inventions. Fogg calls himself a fool and says that he will never be able to make it around the world in 80 days. Passepartout says that they must try or that Fogg will not only get in trouble with the law, but get his science license taken away forever. Fogg stands up and puts a smile on. The two head out on their adventure.

Day 2

The two are now in Paris, France. The train for Turkey doesn't leave for another 6 hours. Fogg comes across an art gallery. As the two are walking in, Passepartout notices a bunch of Chinese men from The black scorpion (this is a Chinese gang that wants to get a hold of the Jade Buddha.) As they walk inside the gallery, Fogg meets a girl by the name of Monique (Cecile De France). She is a struggling artist that wants to make a lot of money off her paintings. Fogg and Monique start to flirt and he tells her that he is on a journey around the world in 80 days. The black scorpion gang chases Passepartout. After a few awesome fight scenes the three leave the gallery. They run outside and come across a hot air balloon. The balloon is being auctioned off but this doesn't stop the three from taking it. They get in the balloon and fly off. Fogg realizes that Monique is still following them. Monique says that she would be honored to go around the world in 80 days.

After a short journey in the hot air balloon, they come across a train station in north Turkey. They need to head south. The three hop on the train and begin to stuff their faces with food. The train finally arrives in south Turkey. The three get out and notice that they're standing in front of the King's palace. They decide to walk in and look around for fun. Prince Hapi (Arnold Schwarzenegger) comes out and recognizes Fogg. He says that he is a big fan of his work and that it would be an honor to have dinner with them. After dinner, they decide to go in the hot tub. Hapi starts to flirt with Monique. He says that he would like her to be his 7th wife. He has one wife for each day of the week.

Monique declines and says that she wants to leave. This causes Hapi to freak out and he begins to chase them. Passepartout comes across a statue and says that he will break it if he doesn't stop chasing them. Hapi agrees and goes back to his thrown. Back at the Academy of Science, Kelvin sends Fang (The leader of the Black Scorpion group) to find Fogg and Passepartout and to kill them.

Day 29

Cut back to Passepartout, Fogg and Monique. They are on a train to India. Little do they know that the Black Scorpion group is following them. Passepartout starts to talk to Fogg about past Chinese legends and culture but the Black Scorpion groups busts in. Passepartout decides to fight them as Fogg and Monique run. They decide to pose as Indian women, (which is pretty funny.)

Passepartout kills most of the Black Scorpion group but Fang shows up (don't know how she made it to India so fast but oh well.) She starts to fight Passepartout but he picks up a metal pole and smacks her in the head. She is now knocked out on the side of the road. Fogg and Monique meet up with Passepartout. They decide that they need to go to china.

Day 42

After a journey over the Himalaya Mountains, they arrive in China. They start to walk through a jungle and they come across Passepartout's town. Passepartout runs up to this mothers house and kisses her (here we learn that Passepartout's birth name is Lau Xing.) She is very proud that her son is home and she decides to invite them to dinner. Now in Passepartout's backyard, he tells his father that he has the Jade Buddha. Fogg is confused when he sees the Buddha. Passepartout confesses that he was the one who robbed the London Bank. He only did it to get the Buddha back home. Fogg is upset that Passepartout never told him in the first place.

Fogg decides to take a walk by himself. However, Passepartout's mother says that it is not good to walk around this area at night. We see the Black Scorpion group show up and they capture Fogg. Monique and Passepartout also get captured. We cut to the three in wooden boxes. Only their heads are sticking out. One of the Black scorpions come up and break Passepartout out of the box. The guy wants to fight Passepartout. If Passepartout hands over the Jade Buddha, the guy will let him and his friends go. Passepartout says that he will never hand the Buddha over. The two start to fight. Once Passepartout knocks this guy out, some other members of the Black scorpions come up to fight Passepartout. After a long drawn out battle Passepartout's family shows up and finishes off the bad guys. Passepartout breaks Monique and Fogg out of their boxes and he gives the Jade Buddha to his father. The Jade Buddha is now safe. Fogg says that he needs some time to be alone and concentrate on the journey. He says that he would like to continue around the world by himself.

Day 61

We cut to Fogg crossing the Pacific Ocean. He arrives in San Francisco. As he is walking the streets, he is robbed by a women. We cut to Day 64 Fogg smells and he is poor. He is laying in an alley. We see a hobo come up to him (Rob Schneider) He tells him that he can get far with his stench. The hobo walks in the street and due to his odor, people give him money. Fogg says that he can't live like this and that he needs to get going. We see Passepartout and Monique across the street. The three hug and continue on their journey. We next see them walking in the desert. They are lost. We see the Wright Brothers (Luke and Owen Wilson) show up. They give the three a ride.

Day 67

They arrive in New York City. The three pass the crowded streets and walk into a building which they think is a shortcut to the harbor. Inside we see the Statue of Liberty in a few pieces. Monique starts to talk about how it got from France to New York. As she is talking, Fang shows up with a few members of the Black Scorpion. Fogg and Monique go to hide in the statue's head as Passepartout fights Fang. As the two are fighting, the rope to the Statue of Liberty's book is coming loose. Fogg tries to tell Passepartout but the rope breaks more. The rope finally snaps crashing down on the two. Fogg and Monique are shocked but we see Passepartout climb out from under the book (he survived because he jumped out of the way at the last second.) The three hug but Fang appears from behind. Monique tells her to just give it up and she punches her.

Day 77

The three hop a boat across the Atlantic. The captain of the boat goes by the name of Steamer (Mark Addy) He says that the boat is running out of fuel. Fogg accepts that they wont get to London in time. Passepartout looks up at the sky and sees birds flying around. He yells out "Birds!" Steamer says "Excellent idea, we'll burn birds." Passepartout laughs and says that he has an idea. He says that Fogg can build a flying device out of parts of the boat. After a few scenes of building the device, they are set to go. They have built a sling shot that will launch the three into the air. Steamer cuts the rope and we see the flying device get hurled into the air.

After a short journey, they come across London. Monique spots the Academy of Science. Passepartout tells everyone to hang on and they start to descend down to the academy. Kelvin walks out of his office and says that it is past 12 noon on the 80th day (when they originally set out they left at exactly 12 noon.) Kelvin announces that they have failed their journey. We see a skinny Irish man come out and say that Kelvin should be locked away. The skinny Irish guy has been following Fogg since day one. The Irish man also says that Kelvin hired Fang to kill Fogg. We see cops come up and take Kelvin away. Fogg is still upset that he failed the journey. We see the Queen of England (Kathy Bates) come out. She tells Fogg that he has 24 more hours until the journey ends. Everyone is confused. The queen explains that they actually made it around the world in 79 days. Passepartout looks at his watch and he notices that he has 24 more hours until the 80 day mark. Passepartout says that due to all the trouble they ran into, he forgot to check the time every once in a while.

The three hug and roll credits


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