In Any Given Sunday, Al Pacino plays the coach of a fictional football team called the Miami Sharks. The film opens in the first half of a game: the Sharks are on a three game losing streak, and are trying to break the streak. On the very first play veteran quarterback Dennis Quaid is injured. Then, on the very next play, the second string QB is injured. This forces Pacino to go to Jamie Foxx, an unknown 7th round draft choice who has been warming the bench all year. He goes into the game and starts out bad, but by the end he turns out to have a good game, even though the Sharks still lose.

As the movie progresses we learn about Cameron Diaz as the team owner, pressuring Pacino to change his style to match the modern game. She thinks Foxx is the future of the franchise, but Pacino is extremely loyal to the veteran QB. Meanwhile, Foxx is lighting up the scoreboard every game, and shooting to popularity. This doesn't help Pacino, and Diaz continues to put heat on him, even going behind his back in many cases to maneuver players and possibly even a relocation for the team itself. By the fourth game Foxx plays, he is very arrogant and the team is against him. They make the playoffs, but lose their final game blowing their shot at home field advantage. Foxx's lack of leadership is mainly to blame.

During the last month, Quaid has been rehabbing and is now ready to come back for the playoffs. So Pacino starts Quaid over Foxx directly contradicting what Diaz told him to do. During the first half of the game, Quaid leads the team to a relatively close score before he re-aggrivates his injury as the half ends. So Pacino has to go to Foxx to finish the game, only now Foxx has learned from his mistakes, and is more of a team player. He is able to rally the team and they come back late to win the game on a last second play.

As the end credits roll, it is revealed that the Sharks lost their next playoff game in a blowout. Pacino is at his retirement press meeting when he reveals to a shocked Diaz and press that despite his loss, he is interested in a new direction for his career. He is going to take over a new expansion team and the new starting QB is Jamie Foxx. This, of course, pisses Diaz off a ton.