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Rob Schneider plays Marvin Mange, a meek, uncoordinated man who dreams of being a police officer like his dad used to be. Instead he just works in the evidence room of a small town police station. He tries a few times to pass the physical test but just can't seem to finish the obstacle course.

One day, while left alone at the station, he receives a call of a robbery. With all the real policemen out at a softball game, he rushes to the scene himself. Unfortunately, along the way he swerves to avoid a seal in the road (yeah, I said a seal) and crashes down a large cliff.

He is rescued by a mad scientist who puts him back together using animal parts. 8 days later he is returned to his normal life but Marvin has no memory of what he has just been through.

Suddenly Marvin is full of life. He can out run horses, mean dogs are now scared of him and he doesn't need his asthma medicine anymore. He thinks it's due to his late night TV purchase of "Badger Milk", guaranteed to make him stronger.

One day at the park he meets Rianna (Survivor's Colleen) while she's out walking dogs from her animal shelter.

His animal like tendencies are slowly taking over and he can't control himself as he jumps to catch a frisbee thrown nearby.

He goes to the airport to talk to his security guard friend about his problem but while there, sniffs out a man trying to hide heroin (up his butt).

Marvin is a hero and is made a full fledge police officer.

His animal instincts are becoming stronger and stronger now and he is often waking up in strange places then hearing about animal attacks in the middle of the night.

The mad scientist realizes that Marvin is out of control and confronts him and takes him to his barnyard laboratory and explains everything that has happened.

One day at a party given by the Mayor, Marvin chases after a cat and destroys everything around him during the chase. He is fired on the spot but during his reprimand hears something and jumps into the nearby lake and rescues the mayor's son using sea lion techniques.

The police chief questions him about a series of late night attacks of farm animals because one of witnesses made a police sketch and it is identical to Marvin.

Rianna goes to his house and Marvin has barricaded himself inside. They spend the night together but Marvin wants to be tied up so he can't hurt anyone anymore. In the morning he finds himself untied because Rianna thought he looked uncomfortable.

Suddenly the police show up outside. Seems that another attack happen that night and the police have come for Marvin. Rianna convinces him to run.

Marvin runs to the woods where a huge chase begins. The police have organized a search party (angry mob) to catch Marvin. While running through the woods, Marvin finds the mad scientist. The scientist tells him that there was another "patient" of his that is out of control and he is in the woods looking for it.

The main policeman tormentor of Marvin finally confronts him and is about to shoot him when the other animal jumps from a tree and knocks him down. It's Rianna...

Now the crowd wants to kill both of them.

Marvin's friend the airport security guard is there also and takes the blame. He has been claiming during the whole movie that there is a reverse discrimination with him since he's black, no one wants to hold him accountable for anything. Sure enough, Once the mob thinks a black man was responsible, they don't care anymore and leave.

Marvin and Rianna get married and have twins that each look like Marvin.


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Colleen Haskell is Rianna, Turns out that she is also an animal experiment by the same mad scientist
Marvin (Rob Schneider)
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