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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by HorrorfFreak889 who says... "Anacondas blew away the first movie. It had such great action. Forget about the bad reviews and see it for yourself"

The movie starts off in the jungle of Borneo. We see a group of jungle men trying to hunt and kill a tiger. One of the jungle guys gives up and decides to go for a walk in the jungle. He hears hissing sounds and bushes moving. He starts to run for his life. We see a huge Anaconda pop out and it coils the jungle guy up in a ball. He escapes and runs to a waterfall. The snake charges at him and the guy jumps off the waterfall. He starts to smile and thinks that everything is OK, but suddenly he gets pulled under water.

We cut to New York City. We meet a team of scientists. A beautiful blonde Sam Rogers (Kadee Strickland), The leader Jack (Matt Marsden), An annoying Jennifer Lopez look alike Gail (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) and a regular guy Gordon (Morris Chestnut). They are in a meeting with the CEO. Jack says that they discovered this flower (called a Blood Orchid) which is a youth-preserving serum. This flower turns dead cells into new cells. Gordon says that they are located in the jungle of Borneo and it will be a 2-week adventure. The CEO says if they get a large amount of these flowers, they can be billionaires.

We cut to Borneo. Jack talks to Gail about the boat arrangements. Gail says that they were able to find a boat captain willing to take them up river to find the flowers and go back home. The four scientists walk into a bar where they are suppose to meet the captain. They come across the captain's assistant, Tran (Karl Yune). Tran takes them over to the captain, Bill (Johnny Messner). Bill says that they can go on their own and take his boat for $25,000. Or they can have Bill drive the boat on their journey for a charge of $50,000. Since no one knows the jungle better than Bill, they decided to go with the $50,000 deal.

The next morning at the dock, we meet two other young scientists that will be tagging along. Ben (Nicholas Gonzalez) and Cole (Euguene Byrd). Bill shows the scientists his boat, which goes by the name 'Bloody Mary'. Its a wooden boat that is pretty beat up. Cole starts to make fun of the boat and yells out "Oh man, is this our ride!". Once they aboard, Bill shows Sam to her room. He gives her the fancy room on the boat (obviously Bill likes her). Gail walks in and checks out the bathroom, which is very dirty. Gail then goes into Sam's room and takes Sam's luggage and throws it outside the door. She starts to unpack and then hears a noise in one of the cabinets in the room. A small monkey jumps out at her. The monkey is Bill's pet. He calls him Kong.

They set off on their journey. Gordon explains to Sam that they can turn the flowers into pills that people can take everyday. Gail starts talking on one of her satellite cell phones, as well as Gordon. They bump into each other (They like each other). That night, Jack and Sam talk. Jack starts sweet talk Sam and says that she is the best scientist out of the group. Sam says that she doesn't want to have relationships at work. We see Kong, who climbs to the roof of the boat and then jumps on to some trees. The boat leaves with out him.

The next morning, Jack explains to the group that they will keep heading up river. It will take a few days to get to the orchid, but its worth it. Bill starts to look for Kong but he can't find him. Gail back on her cell phone, walks too close to the edge of the boat and falls in. Ben and Cole laugh at her. We seen an underwater shot of Gail's legs and something swims by her. A Crocodile pops out and goes to bite Gail. Bill jumps in and swims her back to the boat. He then takes out his pocket knife and starts to stab the Crocodile. He eventually kills it and gets back on the boat. Kong jumps out and scares the living crap out of Gale and Sam. Ben and Cole, point and laugh at them.

That night, Bill is driving the boat and Jack comes up to him. Bill tells Jack that the water will get rough and wild soon. He then says that they have to turn and take another route, which will set them back 2 days. Jack offers Bill an extra $5,000 if he keeps going straight. Bill takes the offer. Gail and Gordon meet up for drinks, and they end of sleeping together. The next morning, we see the boat entering rough water. There a big logs and sticks in the water. The sound of the boat scraping up against the logs wakes Bill up. Bill goes to the main deck of the boat and has Tran help him drive the boat. Jack wakes up and looks outside and sees that they are approaching a huge waterfall. I'm talking a good 150 feet. The rest of the scientists wake up. They come closer and closer to the waterfall. Tran tells everybody to hang on.

The boat falls off the waterfall, we everyone hanging on, Tran and Jack slip and fall into mid-air. The boat hits the water. Everyone survives the crash and they swim to the surface. There is a big hole in the boat, and it sinks. The group swims towards land. Everyone makes it, except Sam. She is falling behind. Bill and Jack reach for her hand and she grabs it, but slips. From an underwater shot we see something swimming towards Sam. She eventually gets up on land. As soon as she gets up, we see the body of the Anaconda swim along side of the land. However, no one sees it. The group look through some of their bags and boxes that washed up on shore. Gail finds a flare gun with one flare. Cole finds a cell phone that still works and Kong finds a CD, that he starts to play with. They don't find any dry clothes or food.

Tran says the only way to get back on course is to go back up the 150 foot waterfall, which is impossible. Bill says that he has a friend named Livingston who owns a boat and sails along these rivers, somewhere in this jungle. He then says that he will give him a call and they will meet Livingston. Bill gives Livingston a call. We cut to Livingston driving his boat and drinking beer. He picks up the phone and says that he will give Bill a ride home for $5,000. Bill agrees and Livingston tells him the name of the river he is on. Jack marks that river on his map. Jack says if they want to meet Livingston, they have to walk through miles of jungle to meet him. Luckily, the flowers are located in that part of the jungle they have to go into. Gail says that she doesn't even care about the flowers anymore, she just wants to go home.

They continue walking. Bill leads the group holding his machete. They come across some swamp water, which they walk through. After a while of walking Cole says that he feels something underwater. We see a birds eye view from the camera and we see a large anaconda swimming in-between the group. He screams that something is down there but no one believes him. Ben starts to tease Gail with some jaws like music. She tells him to stop and he keeps going on. She tells him a second time and he stops and laughs. He then gets pulled underwater. Gail turns around and calls for his name. The rest of the group stops and they call for his name too. Ben comes flying up out of water and gets pulled under and gets dragged. He comes flying up again, this time he is bleeding all over his body. The anaconda whips him around more and then eats him.

The group freaks out and heads towards land. The girls are hysterical along with Cole. Cole says they should forget about the flower and just head home. Gail and Gordon agree. Jack says that they cant forget about the flower. If they do, then this whole trip would have been pointless. Ben's death would have been pointless. Sam says that they should just get to Livingston's boat and decide their. We go back to Livingston, as he is driving he takes out a box with a gun inside. He mutters something about his wife and then the camera focuses on the gun (obviously, he shot her). We see an anaconda slither its way onto the boat. It bites him and tries to pull him under. Livings ton puts the accelerate stick all the way up and he gets pulled underwater. The boat is speeding so fast, it crashes onto land and blows up.

We cut back to the group in the jungle walking. Bill stops and notices a leech on Coleus neck. Cole starts to freak out. Bill takes out his lighter and burns the leech off. Bill tells everyone to check themselves for leeches. Cole lifts up his shirt and we see leeches all over his back. Bill takes care of the leeches. Gordon takes off his show and finds a spider inside. Jack takes the spider and puts it in a jar. He says that if the spider bites, it can paralyze humans in seconds. They continue walking and they see smoke coming up from somewhere (Livingston's crashed boat). The group walks over and finds it in pieces. John finds a box with a gun inside. He takes the gun.

The continue walking and they come across a village. However, it is deserted. They spot a dead anaconda and the jungle guy from the beginning of the movie, body is hanging out of it. Gordon says that they can use parts of the village huts to build a raft and go home. Jack says that they can't leave until they find the flowers. Gail says that the search is over, they are going home. Everyone pretty much agrees with Gail. Jack is now pissed so he wonders off.

That night, we see Tran, Bill, Gordon and Cole working on the raft. Jack walks into one of bigger size huts and finds a large stone with the blood orchid carved on it and the anaconda is eating it. Jack says that the reason why the Anacondas are so powerful is because they are eating the flower which increases their life. Jack shows this to Sam and tells her that her hypothesis on the blood orchid was correct. It really does increase life.

Later on, the raft is finally complete. Gordon goes inside one of the huts and tries to use the cell phone. Jack walks in and tells him to put the cell phone down because they are not leaving without the flowers. Gordon ignores Jack. Jack takes out the jar with the spider and has the spider bite Gordon. Jack takes the phone and walks to where the rest of the group is. Jack lies and says that Gordon is tired so he is napping. We go back to Gordon, he cant move at all. We see an Anaconda slithering on the roof. Sam goes in to check on him. She sees that he isn't moving and she goes to tell the rest of the group. The Anaconda pops out and attacks Gordon. The group sees this and they run inside the hut. Gail starts screaming and Bill takes a torch and sets the hut on fire.

The group turns around and sees that Jack is missing, along with the raft. Bill says that they can catch up with Jack on the other side of the river, but they have to go through some more woods. The group, which contains Tran, Bill, Sam, Cole and Gail continue walking. As they are walking they fall in an underground cave full of water. Cole gets separated. Sam sends Tran to go look for him. Sam, Gail and Bill find a way out of the cave. Tran meets up with Cole, but Tran gets pulled underwater by an Anaconda, which eats him. Cole then finds his way out of the cave on his own. The Anaconda sticks its head out and Sam takes Bill's machete and cuts the snake's head off. The group congratulate Sam for killing it. Cole calls her Samurai Sam, which is pretty funny.

Another Anaconda jumps out from the bushes and grabs Cole, coiling him up in a ball. Bill takes a knife and stabs the Anaconda, which sets Cole free. We cut to Jack on the raft, he's on the cell phone explaining that all his friends died by falling off a waterfall, he is the only one left. Jack comes to land and starts walking. We go back to Gail, Sam, Bill and Cole. They meet up with Jack. Jack spots the orchid, however it is across a pit full of anacondas. There is a log between the two land masses. He pulls the gun out and shoots Bill in the arm. He tells Sam to go across the log and stuff as many flowers as she can into the bag. Sam goes, on her way she almost falls off the log into the pit. She makes it to the other side and stuffs the bag full of flowers. The heads back. On her way she slips. She is hanging on for her life. She tells Jack to drop the gun, but he doesn't. Sam slips some more. She throws the bag of flowers at Jack but Bill jumps in front and catches the bag.! He throws the bag at the bottom of the pit and then punches Jack. Jack falls into the pit and gets eaten by the Anacondas.

We go back to Sam. Gail and Cole reach their hands out for her. Its no use, Sam falls into the pit full of Anacondas. Since the Anacondas are still busy munching on Jack, Sam climbs up the pit and makes it to land. An Anaconda sticks its head up and snaps at the group. Gail picks up a tank of gas that Jack dropped and yells 'Over here!!" The Anaconda goes to Gail, and she throws the tank in its mouth. Cole takes out the flare gun and shoots the Anaconda, causing it to blow up.

The explosion also causes some heavy trees and large rocks to fall into the pit of Anacondas, crushing the snakes to death. The four go over to the raft and sail away. Once they are on the raft, Kong jumps out. Gail becomes friendly with the monkey after all.

Gail, Sam, Bill and Cole are the only survivors.


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