NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by xfile731

The opening starts with Freeman's partner and a serial killer zooming in a car. Freeman's female partner is the bait to lure him. They are being tailed by Freeman and the police (without the killer knowing). But, the operation doesn't go right, and the killer figures it out and crashes the car killing both of them. Eight months later, Freeman is still upset about the loss of his partner and the operation that went wrong.

Cut to a new scene, where students are entering a highly secure private school guarded by Secret Service Agents. One student (Megan) checks in, as she does every morning, with Secret Service Agent Jezzie Flannigan, played by Monica Potter (Patch Adams). All the kids are now in the classroom discussing Charles Lindbergh. The teacher is a weird looking man named Gary Soneji, played by Michael Wincott.

At the end of class he tells Megan he needs to see her. There in his office, Soneji strangles a lady and zaps Megan putting her out. He hides her in a cart and zooms out of the school, kidnapping the little girl.

Potter realizes something is wrong earlier when Megan is not at lunch, but Soneji gets away before they can chase him down.

Back to Freeman: he gets a phone call from Soneji telling him this could be the crime of the century. Now Freeman is on the case and he teams with Potter who is saddened and humiliated because she failed to stop the teacher. The parents of the kidnapped girl are very powerful people (husband is a senator), and they plead with Freeman to find their little girl.

Freeman and Potter go back to the classroom to find clues and they notice a frame with no picture. They find the picture that should have been in the frame and see that is actually a camera that views Soneji's home (all this with computer technology). They zoom with the camera around his house and find out his real name.

Now they are at his house, and they realize Soneji was disguised in make-up and prosthetic wear, so they don't know what he really looks like. Soneji is also obsessed with Charles Lindbergh (Lindbergh is a pilot and American hero, who's baby was kidnapped and murdered).

On a boat, the kidnapped girl asks to use the bathroom and she smartly removes the intercom battery and throws it on the stove, starting a fire. While Soneji is trying to put it out, she jumps into the water. She is swimming towards a fisherman, who jumps in trying to save her, but Soneji shoots the guy, and he gets the girl back.

Soneji calls Freeman again and wants Freeman to make him famous. Freeman figures out that Megan is not his main goal and will not be harmed. He realizes the killer is obsessed with Charles Lindbergh and he wants to kidnap the Russian president's son (who goes to the same school as Megan).

Freeman and Potter stake out the Russian President's house. Soneji shows up after he kills two cops and then disguises as a police officer. The little boy has been communicating with Soneji over the Internet but doesn't know Soneji is the killer. The little boy goes outside to use the phone booth, while Soneji gets close and is about to apprehend him. Freeman and Potter see this and stop it right in time, but Soneji gets away in the cop car and ditches it.

Back to the boat: Soneji is really upset now, after his plan fails. He goes to Megan who is locked in a room in his boat to kill her, but she is not there.

The next day the FBI and Freeman get a call and the kidnapper wants 10 million in diamonds. He tells Freeman to put it in a silver thermos and sends Freeman all over DC on foot to meet him for the drop off. Potter is tailing Freeman as back-up but they both end up on a subway in Union station still following the kidnapper's ransom call with cell phones that were previously placed in specific locations. The kidnapper tells Freeman to throw the thermos out the window of the moving train. Freeman has to shoot the window because they don't open on subways. He throws the thermos out and the kidnapper catches out on the street.

Next scene, Soneji shows up at Potter's house and he knocks her out and talks to Freeman about why he wants to be famous. He is a real psycho. Freeman asks him about the diamonds and Soneji plays along, but thinks that there was 12 million instead of 10. Freeman realizes that they gave the diamonds to a kidnapper, but not the kidnapper Soneji. Soneji is about to leave when Potter gets up and stabs him in the leg then Freeman shoots Soneji and kills him.

Next day Freeman meets the parents who are upset, because Soneji was the only one that knew where the little girl (Megan) was. But, Freeman knows that the girl is not with Soneji because the guy with diamonds must have her. He also realizes the Secret Service Agent in charge (Potter) could have stopped the teacher in the very beginning, but didn't.

Now we are at a farmhouse in Virginia and we see Megan locked in the barn. The kidnapper comes in the gives her some dinner and we see is the other Secret Service guy who worked at the school with Potter. Then Potter shows up and we see they are partners and lovers. Potter is in on it. She is mad because her Secret Service boyfriend hasn't killed Megan yet, but is happy to hold the diamonds in her hand. She knows that Freeman must be on to her Secret Service boyfriend and she shoots him in the head. She goes down to the barn to kill Megan once and for all. But, Megan has rigged the door with her steel bed and Potter can't get the door open. She shoots the whole barn up, but still doesn't get to Megan.

Freeman shows up at the barn just in time. He went to Potter's house earlier and broke the password to her computer finding the house in Virginia where she and Megan might be.

Finally, at the barn they meet face-to-face, Potter and Freeman, both armed. Potter tells Freeman "you can't shoot your partner." Freeman aims the weapon at Potter and says, "you're not my partner." He kills her and saves the girl. The movie ends