NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by HorrorFreak889 who says..."This movie has NOTHING to do with the video game. I thought it was pretty cool, however there are something’s in the story that are just left unexplained on purpose"

In 1967, an ancient culture by the name of Abskani was discovered. The Abskani believe that there were two worlds. Earth and the world of darkness. The Abskani worshiped evil demons and they preformed experiments on them. 10,000 years ago, suddenly, the Abskani culture was erased from the face of the earth. To this day, it is still undetermined why they disappeared.

Cut to 1982 at a remote orphanage home. Sister Clara (Karin Konoval) is talking to Professor Hudgens (Matt Walker) Hudgens is a very secretive man. He does experiments on the little kids in the orphanage (Don’t worry, it all gets explained later) Hudgens tells Clara to get all the kids together and put them in a room and wait for Hudgens. However one kid escapes and hides in the middle of the woods where there is a small high voltage cabin (Important later). This kid later grows up to be Edward Carnby (Christian Slater)

We go to present day and see Carnby on a plane coming back from the Amazon. Carnby went to the Amazon to find an Abskani artifact to put in his museum that he and Aline Cedrac (Tara Reid) work for. The kid sitting next to Carnby goes on about how he has nightmares and his mother tells him not to be afraid of the dark. "Being afraid of the dark is what keeps most of us alive...kid...your mother is totally afraid of the dark" Carnby replies. Carnby arrives back home in the city. He catches a cab but is followed by another cab.

After a few car chase scenes, the cars crash and the man begins to chase Carnby. After a few matrix like fight scenes, Carnby pulls his gun out and shoots the man in the chest. The man continues walking. Carnby shoots the man again in the chest and still nothing happens. They begin to fight again and Carnby eventually impales the man through the stomach with a piece of wood.

We finally meet Aline at the museum. New artifacts are arriving and she’s crazy. Her and Carnby are investigating the Abskani culture. She gets a call on her cell from Hudgens saying he found a new Abskani artifact and he will bring it to her as soon as possible. We cut to Carnby going back to his apartment. He reaches in his pocket and pulls out the Abskani artifact. This is why the man was chasing Carnby, why you ask?, well that get explained a little later.

Cut to Hudgens on a boat in the middle of the ocean. The Abskani artifact is in a large gold coffin. Hudgens' men beg to open the case but Hudgens tells them not to. The men jump Hudgens and lock him in a small room. The men open the case and they scream in fear (little do they know by opening this case, the darkness in our world is slowly awakened) We quickly cut back to Carnby and his lights flicker along with the rest of the cities lights. We go back to the boat and Hudgens manages to break out of the room. He comes across the golden case and all his men have been slaughtered.

That night, Carnby meets up with Aline at the museum. Aline hits Carnby for being gone so long in the Amazon and then they hug. A security guard shows up to check on everything. Suddenly the lights go out. The generator isn’t working. Aline hears noises coming from other rooms in the museum. Aline and Carnby go to check it out and the security guard goes in a separate direction. After a few minutes of searching, we cut to the security guard. In the background we see a creature run by. The creature quickly kills the security guard by squeezing his head together.

We meet up with Aline and Carnby and they come across some creatures. They lock themselves in Aline's office and call for help. Carnby manages to shoot the creature a few times, killing it. Help arrives and here we meet Commander Richard (Stephen Dorff) He runs Bureau 713, which is a paranormal research agency. Here we learn more about the mysterious Carnby. When Carnby was 22, he worked for Bureau 713 and became best friends with Richard. However, Carnby became so wrapped up in work and wasn't following the Bureau's rules. He was sick of the Bureau making choices for him.

After a few arguments between Richard and Carnby, they walk away from each other. However, Carnby manages to get Richard's security pass to the Bureau. The next day at Bureau 713 science lab, Carnby meets Doctor Fischer who is currently running an autopsy on the man who attacked Carnby. Fischer says he found a worm like bug in the mans spine. The bug completely ate the spine and took over the nervous system. Now this is why the man was chasing Carnby before.

One of Fischer's high-tech instruments starts beeping like crazy. The instrument is designed to pick up bugs. It is then revealed that Carnby has one of those bugs inside of his body. Fischer quickly gives Carnby a quick x-ray scan and Carnby has a dead bug inside of him. Fischer says that the bug must have been in there for a long time and Carnby never knew. It's dead so it doesn't threaten Carnby's life at all.

The next day, Carnby arrives at home and crashes on his bed. A few moments pass and Aline stops by. They have sex and the screen fades to black. The next few scenes take place in a couple of neighborhoods around the city. We see people becoming possessed by the darkness and they walk out of their houses, completely loosing control of themselves. When I say they are possessed by the darkness, this means these people have the Abskani worm bugs inside of them.

The next morning, Carnby is woken up by a call on his phone. It is his best friend John's wife. She says that last night, John randomly got up and left the house. He seemed possessed. Carnby says he will investigate. Carnby accesses a missing persons program on his computer. He looks at the latest reports of missing people. There are 20 results. John is one of them and so is the man who was chasing Carnby. Carnby soon realizes that all these 20 people went to the orphanage with him as a kid (this also gets explained later).

That night Aline arrives at Carnby's apartment. Carnby shows Aline the 20 missing people on the computer. They are interrupted by creature like screams. They go to check it out and are chased by creatures. Bureau 713 agents show up and blast the crap out of the creatures. Richard says that the bureau discovered where these creatures are coming from. Right under the orphanage.

We go to Aline, Carnby and the rest of the agency arriving at a warehouse outside the orphanage. This warehouse leads underground where the creatures are coming from. Aline, Carnby, Richard and some agents head underground while the rest of the agents wait outside. Underground, they come across a tunnel which has a drop of about 100 feet. Everyone quickly climbs down. When they reach the bottom, the tunnel entrance closes up. Sand worms appear and kill a few agents. We cut to the surface and creatures come through the woods and attack the agents. The agents don't stand a chance and they are all killed.

Go back underground and they reach a science lab. This is where everything gets explained. It turns out that Hudgens runs this lab. He has been experimenting on the orphanage children by putting worm bugs inside of them. The 20 infected people all were apart of the orphanage as a kid. They had worm bugs inside of them all these years and never knew. What awakened these worm bugs was when the golden case was opened on the ship earlier in the movie. Now the reason why Carnby has a dead worm bug inside of him, is because he was hiding in the high voltage cabin when Hudgens was collecting all the kids.

Aline searches around the lab and comes across a door. Hudgens shows up and shoots some of the agents. Leaving Aline, Richard and Carnby the only ones left alive. Hudgens goes to open the door and is shot by Carnby, but it is too late, the door has been opened. Behind this door, lies hell. As the three look into hell, they see miles and miles of caves. Creatures are everywhere. Richard sets up explosions and sets the timer.

The three run through the underground and eventually find a ladder which leads to an exit. Aline and Carnby climb up and Richard goes to detonate the explosions but it doesn't work. Richard runs back to the lab and Aline and Carnby escape. Richard resets the timer and everything blows up. Killing all the creatures, destroying the underground, killing Richard and destroying the gates of hell. The screen fades out.

We cut to the surface and see that Aline and Carnby just made it out in time. They go to the orphanage and find Sister Clara dead on the floor. She killed herself. Aline and Carnby go back to the city only to find it completely deserted. Unfortunately the creatures did make their way to the city. Carnby and Aline look around and in a voice over, Carnby says he is glad it is all over. Suddenly, we see something moving fast towards Aline and Carnby, Aline screams and the screen fades to black..