NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by horsegal88 who says... "This was a bad, predictable movie. Read the spoiler and save yourselves from spending your money!"

The movie starts out with Alex (Luke Wilson) typing the first sentence of his novel in his shabby apartment. He hears two men downstairs and realizes they are the Cuban loan sharks he owes money to. He then goes through many motions where he tries to hide in his apartment. They break down the door; find him hiding in a closet and drag him to the balcony where they hang him upside down twice. (The second time was when he wouldn't show him his novel and they burned his laptop. He now has no money and no laptop.

Alex, finding himself with 30 days to finish his novel or die, calls a stenographer service. The stenographer service sends Emma (Kate Hudson) under the false pretenses that it is a law office wanting her stenographer services. When Emma gets there she realizes that it is not a law office and that Alex is a liar. He pleads with her to stay and eventually she leaves but returns because she has forgotten her scarf. Seeing how pitiful Alex was she agreed to help him.

They sit for 5 hours and he has one sentence done. Just as she is about to leave he comes up with a paragraph right there on the spot.

As the story gets rolling, we find that his story is about the powerlessness of being in love and how it devours the soul, it's a comedy. In the story is a tutor, Adam (also played by Luke Wilson), on his way to tutor children on a remote island. Their mother is Polina (Sophie Marceau) whom he falls madly, deeply, etc. in love with.

But there is a problem, as there always is. She is in debt and the person she owes money to is a banker who is in love with her and wants to marry her. Trying to win her affection, he borrows money from Flamenco dancers and gambles it and then loses it all.

Throughout all this, Alex is beginning to fall in love with Emma, so he begins to write her into the story, which he takes from real life. Emma becomes Anna in the story, the children’s' nanny. In the story, he begins to fall in love with her and is forced to make a choice between Polina and Anna.

He chooses Polina but soon realizes that he made the wrong choice and goes back to Anna on bended knee, but she refuses to take him back.

Back in the real world, Polina shows up. She indeed is a real person, and everything that has happened in the story happened to him in real life. Emma shows up and sees the two, makes the connection and leaves. Alex tries to follow her but to no avail. She learned her lesson well.

The next day, week, or month, we don't really know, we see Emma at an actual law office. She is their stenographer. She is escorted into a conference room and sets up. Before she came, we see that Alex had been trying to get a hold of her and she wouldn't even acknowledge his existence, which is understandable. When he walks in she gets up and is about to leave in a huff since she realizes that the law office gig is again a fake. He stops her and says he needs to rewrite the ending to his novel because its not right and she is the only one who can help him finish it. He basically says that he was an idiot and that yes, he did love Polina, but he loved her more and wants another chance. She gives it to him and the final scene in the movie is them kissing, both as Alex/Emma and Adam/Anna.