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It starts off with Will (Hugh Grant) sitting around in his flat. We see a British version of "Who Wants To Be A Millionare?" on the television. The question is "Who said the phrase, every man is an island", to which Will says Jon Bon Jovi right away to.

Then it cuts to Marcus (Nicholas Hoult). He's at home with his mother, Fiona (Toni Collette), a suicidal hippie.

She's crying her eyes out while he eats breakfast (grain cereal, since she's a vegetarian and health food nut). Marcus doesn't fit in at school, and is often taunted by others because of his clothing, his hair, and his looks.

Meanwhile, Will goes to see friends of his, Christine and John. They have a brand new baby Imogen, and ask Will to be her godfather. He tells them he's quite shallow, doesn't have inner depths, and would be a poor godfather. Meanwhile, they set Will up with a friend of Christine's. She has a little kid, which puts Will off at first, but he realizes single mothers are easy, so he continues to see her.

He realizes the relationship is too much for him, though, so he decides to break up with her. However, she breaks him with HIM first.

Will decides he wants to keep dating single mothers, and finally finds a perfect way to meet them - at a meeting for single parents. Fiona is there, and when she meets Will, she decides her friend Suzie would be perfect for him. Will and Suzie decide to have a picnic together, and Suzie brings Marcus along. Will is freaked out by Marcus, and Fiona bakes some type of gross homemade bread to bring for the picnic. Marcus decides to feed the ducks with the bread, and he throws the entire thing in the water, which kills one. A police officer approaches Will, Marcus and Suzie, and Will makes up a lie so Marcus won't get in trouble. Marcus likes Will from then on. Will is also lying to everyone, telling them he has a baby that he's raising on his own.

The three of them come home from the picnic, and find Fiona passed out on the couch, apparently trying to have killed herself. Marcus is very upset, because he would have been left parentless. A few days later, Marcus calls Will and asks him if he'll take him and his mom out to lunch. He reluctantly agrees, and is again weirded out by Fiona and Marcus. Marcus then begins to follow Will around (secretly), because he doesn't have any friends. He comes to realize that Will doesn't have a kid, and blackmails him, saying he'll tell everyone he doesn't have a kid unless he lets him come over to his flat every day after school.

He does, and they watch TV together for an hour or so every day. Will begins to like Marcus.

Marcus gets a crush on a goth girl from school named Ellie, and Will gets a crush on Rachel (Rachel Weisz), a pretty single mother.

They begin to talk about rap music, and Will tells her he "knows a 12-year old who loves rap" (Marcus, who takes a sudden interest in it when Will buys him a Mystikal CD). Rachel assumes he means that the 12-year old is his son, so they make plans to get the sons together (also meaning they can make spend time together). Will convinces Marcus to pretend he's Will's son, and they go to Rachel's flat. Rachel's son Ali (who is in the same grade as Marcus at school), acts very mean toward him. He's scared of his mother actually finding someone she likes, as the previous guy was a jerk. Marcus runs away, kind of afraid of Ali. He comes back, and Ali apologizes to Marcus, and they sort of become friends. Marcus also gets Ellie to like him.

Will realizes he should tell Rachel the truth, that Marcus isn't really his son. She gets mad at him and leaves. Meanwhile, Fiona is depressed and crying again, and Marcus gets freaked out. He realizes the only way he can make her happy is if he sings "Killing Me Softly" at his school's concert, because she told him when he sang it brang sunshine and happiness into her life. Will goes to see Fiona, who tells him about the concert. Will rushes to the school, afraid Marcus will be bullied even more after he sings the song. Will sees Rachel in the audience, and she ignores him. Marcus' recorder player bails on him at the last moment, so he has to sing all by himself. He's barely audible because almost everyone is laughing at him. Will comes from backstage, though, playing "Killing Me Softly" on his guitar and even begins to sing with him. They win over everyone in the audience, including Fiona who's finally happy again, and Rachel, who succumbs to Will's charm.

The last scene is Christmas dinner the next year. Will, Marcus, Fiona, Rachel, Ellie and Ali all sit around and eat together. The last shot is Marcus, who on voice-over says that know he truly knows no man is an island.


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