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The film starts in the Spirit Realm where Master Oogway (Randall Duk Kim) is meditating. He is disrupted by his nemesis Kai (JK Simmons), who has stolen the chi of other kung fu masters. The two of them battle within the realm until Kai overpowers Oogway and takes his chi. Before he disappears, Oogway warns Kai that a master of chi will defeat him. Kai vows to return to the mortal world and change his fate.

Po (Jack Black) heads into the Valley of Peace with the Furious Five - Masters Tigress (Angelina Jolie), Crane (David Cross), Mantis (Seth Rogen), Viper (Lucy Liu), and Monkey (Jackie Chan) - to get food. By now, Po and the Five are major heroes in the Valley. They return to the Jade Palace to meet with Master Shifu (Dustin Hoffman). He announces that he is stepping down and passes the teaching onto Po. Everyone is stunned, especially Po. He begins to train the Five, but he screws up badly, getting all of them hurt.

Po is humiliated by his failure to teach. Shifu tells him he heard about this from everyone. Po refuses to go back to teaching, so Shifu tells him that both himself and Oogway learned to harness their chi by discovering who they are within themselves.

Far away from the valley, a rabbit and goose are farming when a green cloud forms and brings Kai back into the mortal world. He boasts his arrival, but the animals don't know who he is until he says he used to work with Oogway. Kai takes a few small jade statues from his belt and brings them to life. They are the kung fu masters, now turned into jade zombies (or "jombies"). Kai orders them to bring him the other masters of the valley.

Po goes back to the restaurant and talks to his dad, Mr. Ping (James Hong). As he expresses his disappointment in himself, they learn that someone is in the restaurant trying to beat Po's dumpling record. Po and Ping are shocked to discover that this creature is another panda. His name is Li Shan (Bryan Cranston), and he is Po's biological father. Neither of them get it immediately, but they soon realize that they are related. They embrace each other for the first time in forever. Li calls Po by his original birth name, Lotus. Ping is not thrilled to see Li there trying to re-enter Po's life. 

Po brings Li to the Jade Palace and shows off all the cool artifacts of former kung fu masters, including Master Flying Rhino's battle armor. The two play around with everything until Shifu and the Five show up, meeting Li for the first time. Suddenly, the jombies attack the valley, forcing the masters to spring into action. The masters fight the jombies and look into their eyes, hearing Kai's voice speaking to them. He takes the jombies back.

Shifu looks through all the scrolls in the Jade Palace to find something about Kai. He comes across a jade scroll and unravels it. It was written by Oogway, describing how he and Kai were once great friends that fought alongside each other. Oogway was injured in battle, so Kai carried him far away to a village of pandas that used their chi to heal him. However, Kai sought the chi for dark purposes, forcing Oogway to fight Kai. After he defeated Kai, Oogway banished him to the Spirit Realm for 500 years. Knowing Po must master the chi to defeat Kai, Li offers to bring Po back to his village so that he may rediscover his roots, and therefore discover himself and master his chi.

Po and Li set off on their journey, while Shifu sends Crane and Mantis to follow Kai's trail. After much traveling, Po finds that Ping stowed away in his basket, claiming to be there so that Po has enough to eat. They finally make it to the mountains where the village is, and Po is astonished to see so many pandas for the first time in his life. He meets Mei Mei (Kate Hudson), a flirtatious panda dancer. All the pandas are goofy and love to eat. Po quickly gets into the basic panda lifestyle.

Crane and Mantis fly down and see Masters Bear, Croc, and Chicken heading toward an abandoned ship where they see the jombies running into. The three masters quickly have their chi stolen. Mantis heads in to fight, but he gets taken as well. Crane enters and briefly takes Kai on, but he is still no match for the villain.

Po starts his chi training with Li, which mostly consists of doing things a panda normally does - rolling and eating, mostly. Li brings Po into his home where Po sees a picture of him as a cub with his mother. Li remembers her fondly, up until he lost her in the wolf attack.

Kai arrives at the Jade Palace and sends the zombified Crane and Mantis to attack Tigress, Viper, Monkey, and Shifu. Viper and Monkey have their chi stolen. Kai boasts to Shifu before pulling the Oogway statue from its base and swing it across the Jade Palace to destroy it, to Shifu's horror. Kai takes his chi, but Tigress escapes to warn Po.

Tigress arrives to the panda village to tell Po what Kai has done, and that he is coming for Po. Po tells Li to show him the chi attacks, but Li confesses that he doesn't know them and that he only said he knew so that he could bring Po back home. Devastated, Po leaves Li alone and decides to train by himself.

Ping confronts Li and admits that while he was jealous of him and felt that he was trying to take Po away from him, he has come to realize that having Li back in his life has made Po happy. They resolve to work together and both be good fathers for Po and to encourage him to make things right. The two of them approach Po and suggest that he trains the pandas to fight against Kai and his army. Po realizes that he can't teach them to be like him, so they have to utilize their own capabilities in order to reach their full potential. Po trains all the pandas, young and old, until they are ready to fight.

Kai finally makes it to the village and faces Po. He unleashes the kung fu masters upon the pandas, starting an epic kung fu battle. The pandas, plus Tigress and Ping, fight the jombies and overpower them long enough to keep Kai distracted for Po to attack. He tries to use the Wuxi Finger Hold on Kai to vanquish him, but that move only works on mortals. Kai beats Po and throws him back toward the pandas. Before Kai can strike the final blow, Po jumps on top of him and uses the Wuxi Finger Hold on himself to send both of them to the Spirit Realm.

In the realm, Po and Kai engage in another fight. However, Kai is far too strong, and he is ready to take Po's chi. In the mortal world, Li, Ping, Tigress, and all the other pandas remember what Po has taught them to be, and with that, they are able to harness their chi and help Po. This gives Po the power to harness his own chi and become the true Dragon Warrior. He fights Kai again and beats him faster. Po directs his chi energy toward Kai as he wanted, but the power overwhelms Kai and destroys him. Shifu, Crane, Mantis, Monkey, Viper, Bear, Croc, and Chicken are all brought back up to the mortal world in their true forms, but Po has yet to return.

Po speaks to Oogway, who has also been freed. Although Po didn't believe it himself, Oogway knew that Po was destined to achieve this great power and fulfill what Oogway had prophesied. He gives Po his staff (he claims to have a bigger one) and tells Po he may willingly return to the mortal world, which he does. Everyone embraces Po when he returns.

Po now trains the pandas and kung fu masters to properly harness their chi. He now has a bigger family, and Shifu looks at Po more proud than ever before.

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